H. australis ssp Rupicola - other growing methods?

Asterope(SE Queensland, Australia)September 10, 2012

Hi all,

I have a healthy H. australis Rupicola, doing well in a pot - I know this one is a runner that likes to live amongst rocks in the dry northern parts of Australia.

Its not that big, but it is already quite heavy and often tips the pot over - wondering if anyone has tried growing this one as a 'runner' and how you did it?

Thanks :)

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I would think the best approach would be to us a wide but shallow pot. A big clay Azalea pot would work well.


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"...in the dry northern parts of Australia."

Don't make the mistake of thinking we're "dry" as in "arid". We get more rain than Brisbane but it comes during half of the year. During that time, the wet season, you can find ssp. rupocola growing with water streaming amongst the roots for months at a time. Come the dry season and it does become dry.

I have some in a large hanging pot filled mostly with sand. But most of mine are in a rockery where they get sun most of the day. The runners are just pinned down with a rock so they send roots down and keep going. The ones in the hanging pot haven't got long enough to be a problem yet. But I've seen them hanging 5 to 6 metres down cliff faces. They like it tough, but never cold wet.

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