Bamboo Trellis and Lacunosa Cuttings

postpunkgirl(7b Texas)September 18, 2011

At first, I was nervous to try a trellis with my Krimson Queen... because she had been in the exact same position for three years, but I just love the way they look... and I felt bad letting her pile up on the table. I hope she likes it. :)

AND my little Ruby Sue from Lowes that looked so scabby and mite-y... was given double Neem treatments and then I took a bunch of cuttings. They are all doing so well! YAY!

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Hi Postpunkgirl,

Your KQ looks more "transparent" than my KQ. My KQ would never be put on a bamboo trellis because the vines and leaves are so thick.

I also have a H. Lacunosa 'Tove' growing on a bamboo trellis, it's getting along nicely.

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postpunkgirl(7b Texas)

My KQ gets a ton of bright sun... and I think the lighting and camera app really exaggerates the contrast as well. Here she is with my regular camera at a different time of day:

The vines are pretty heavy... I had to use a lot of floral clips to hold them to the trellis.

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Looks great! I'm sure you've read this somewhere already, but when trellising Hoyas always be sure the growing tip isn't pinned facing down or it will die back to the last node. I think some Hoyas are more sensitive about this than others, and there's still a certain amount of die back that happens because you annoy them for some other reason, so... lol.

What I usually do on the downward loop is leave enough length of free hanging vine so that I can hook the growing tip over a leaf on the other side, so it's pointing sideways instead of down. Seems to work.

But, like I said, I can't really tell what you've done with that lighting. So yr probably one step ahead of me. ^_~

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postpunkgirl(7b Texas)

I'll have to take better pics... I was trying to be artsy, lol. I have one vine pointing down, but it is not really pinned at the bottom... so thanks, I will definitely try to take your advice and loop it to the side! And there is also one peduncle that is now facing SLIGHTLY upward as opposed to down. Should I worry about it as well?

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Nah, I don't think they care which way their peduncles are pointing. Maybe if it was budding up at the time...

Love that yellow plate.

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postpunkgirl(7b Texas)

OK, here is a pic with light flash only. I turned the end vine out to the side... and the leaves and peduncle are already adjusting to their new light angles! Thanks again greedy!

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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

Just precious! ....And the hoya is very nice looking too. :-)

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postpunkgirl(7b Texas)

Thank you Mairzy!

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Very pretty picture. You can really see the leaves now. before there was too much light coming in. I'm no camera pro, but this last picture is awesome, and very eye-pleasing.
Thanks for posting the plant again.

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