flies and bugs in feeder,,,??

desertjoeJuly 11, 2010

Hello All,,,This is first time here for me so am kinda feeling my way around. Very interesting subject and fun to watch the Hummers. There are five nests in the Mulberry tree outside my den window, so, usually a pretty good show. I also have a few trumpet vines at back patio that draw them there. I used to have the feeder at the patio, but, that is the subject of my query. I do not know how they do it, but the feeder used to get flies and small bugs " INSIDE" the feeder "IN" the mixture,,!!! How do they get past the mixture???? I never let the level get passed a certain point, so are they swimming thru the mixture? Anyway, I moved the feeder to the front by the den window thinking I would trick the flies and bugs,,,,uh,uh. I now have em in the feeder in the front. Can somebody please tell me how to correct this? I am spending too much money dumping the contaminated mixture and re-filling with fresh. Thanks Joe r

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Interesting- We fill the feeders not intending to feed all the bugs in the world , but maybe thats not such a bad thing. Unless hummers are not using the feeder because of it, it allows them to get their much needed protein in one stop. I have ants getting to my sheperds hook feeder but hasnt detered the hummers from using it.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Five nests? Would love to see pics!

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Second the pics or a video!...five nests is a rarity indeed!!!

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