New record for distance traveled

mboston_gwJuly 3, 2010

I just got an email forwarded from one of the banders who came to my yard this past winter. Another bander in Tallahassee, FL had caught a female Rufous this past Jan. It was caught again on June 28 in Chenega (sp?) Bay, Alaska some 4000 miles from its wintering home. This is a new record for distance traveled from wintering site to breeding site. It was found that the bird was born a year old, according to the striations in the beak.

How cool is that! Gives me hope that my female Rufous may be caught up in the Northwest somewhere. Mine was also an immature female Rufous.

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Wow! great info and surprising to say the least. Seems quite roundabout though from florida to alaska. Just think of all the people that got a chance to view this creature on its way if only for a moment or a day or two.

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They are thinking it did not go to Mexico at all but headed east on the way down. Stayed the winter then headed back home. Would love to know if it flew west acoss AL, MS, LA, TX, NM, then to CA and up or if it took a more northwestly route. If only they could talk to us.

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