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ima_diggerSeptember 6, 2011

The pachyclada seeds that I got from Sue are slowly growing like Jack's beanstalk. They don't have true leaves yet and are three inches tall. They are under lights and pretty soon will touch the bulbs. My question is:

How do I name them? Do I label them as Pachyclada, Pachyclada seedling, Pachyclada v.pachyclada? I don't know if Sue knows what was blooming when the flower was germinated. It could have been from another hoya bloom. Maybe Sue will see this and let us know.

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Unless a cross is suspected it should be labeled seedlings from pachyclada (Sue___) I say this because one day we might find out that Sue had an incorrecty named pachyclada that was really a Chieng mai sp or subquntuplinervis and everyone who had seeds from it is now circulating it as H. pachyclada. Keep a watchful eye on the seedlings as they mature. At first it will grow like any other vine and the compactness of pachyclada will not be evident. Look for common signs like leaf venation or shape of the leaf. These will be impossible until the plant is somewhat developed and growing steadily.

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My seedlings are about 1/1/2 inch high, no true leaves yet. I sowed about 2 weeks after sending it to you. It looks strong, healthy, but you never know what will be look like.
I have Krinle 8, Bella var, Macg., Arch, Motoskei,..were flowering on that moment. It is hard know who is the
The only thing is I have to wait, I just hope I will have one pachyclada variegated, yaya .. keep dreaming.. sue!
For the name, I will call it Pachyclada junior I, II.. ect.

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

I must ask a question here regarding parentage of the seedlings (esp since I have 4)... w/o knowledge of the "father" in this case, would it be similar to having a litter of puppies, dad unknown.. and each puppy displaying different characteristics of the dad, and of dad's families down the line, as well of course of the mom's... so each of us who have Sue's seeds can expect completely different plants? Did I say that I was a newbie? LOL... thanks in advance for your replies!... Eileen

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Great questions, Eileen. Now we will wait for answers from our resident 'gurus, which we are lucky to have quite a few of.

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Considering what other Hoyas were blooming at the time a selfing of Sue's plant is quite likely. In the case of a self fertilization the offspring will be exactly like the mother plant and each other. If there was an out-cross or cross fertilization you will then have genetic material from both pollen parent and seed parent and there will be much more variation seen in the seedlings.
Some of this variation is not apparent until the plants flower and you can expect different flower sizes or variations in colour or colour saturation of the flowers. This is why plant breeding takes up so much space and until those seedlings flower you can't begin to weed any out for undesirable traits.


Here is a link that might be useful: Plant Breeding

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Thanks Mike!... I'm nearing retirement, so not sure about the time needed to see each of the seedlings flower!...LOL... At any rate, I just might not remember what it was I was waiting for!... But.. I can only imagine the patience required for plant breeding. I suppose its a bit too early to ask what I might expect assuming all 4 of my "babies" continue on to adulthood. I can of course, and I shall check on websites to see a picture of a pachyclada!... hmmm :)

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