Gypsy rose tease reversion or sport?

lsuhostafreak(7)May 20, 2012

I have a gypsy rose that has an all green division.

Gypsy rose is a sport of striptease which is a sport of gold standard which is a sport of Fortunei Hyacinthina.

Thus, is my all green division hyacinthina or a all green sport of gypsy rose which would be called "let me entertain you" (according to the hosta library).

Sports of sports becomes so confusing!!!

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First off - if you ask for purpose of labeling is a sport of Gypsy Rose, that is the most you can be sure of... I have a couple that are labeled that way in my gardens. Though one I may eventually give a different name and use the double "marks" around the name to indicate it is a name in my garden and not a traded named cultivar.

Second, if it is only for your garden, it doesn't matter - call it whatever you want...Green Gypsy of LSU.

Part of the fun of growing hosta is the sporting.


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I believe the all green sport is called Let Me Entertain You....


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Hi, LSUHostaFreak in AL! Glad to see you show on the Hosta Forum here.

I really enjoy visiting the website where they have a family tree for the sports. Don't get lost there and forget to come back though. Link is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Hostas (then find the sports)

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