how bad is the drought in MI???

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5May 28, 2012

i would have to water the shriveling weeds for a week.. just to bring them out of heat dormancy.. so i could kill them with roundup ...


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Not so much drought right here, as no rain. (I suppose that is a difference.) I hit the weeds along a walkway with RoundUp in the morning after the dew dried, and they were turning brown by late afternoon. Now THAT'S HOT, drought or not.

Hmmmm, Ken, throw them on your driveway.

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Gesila(MI Z5)

It's bad here too Ken! What was I thinking when I moved a butterfly bush yesterday?

Frost + Freeze + Drought = Ugly hostas. The ones that were planted last fall look like carp! The older ones are handling it better!


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Don't know about MI ken; IL, last 20 days, 0 rain in 18, Since I'm not home to water, will this toughen them up for a long hot summer?


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

No appreciable rain here for two weeks. We're supposed to start getting some tomorrow,and they certainly need it! Phil

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I'll pray for rain for you all. Is it common for MI to be in drought conditions or is this a rarity this year?

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Minnesota and Wisconsin are pretty darn wet. The dock at our lake cabin is level with the water and you squish when you walk on it.

The hostas are huge. Sun Power is about to eat a nearby maple tree.

This from today's Minneapolis Star Tribune.....By Sunday night, the Twin Cities was nearing the precipitation record for May of 10.33 inches.
"We're getting close. It may already be the second-wettest spring on record," McQuirter said.

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In northeast IN, we haven't had a drop of rain for the entire month of May. But, there are two days of rain predicted this week, and hopefully something actually happens this time.

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I would happily send you all some of the soakers we have had here in eastern PA. The ground is so saturated there is standing water in my lawn. Bed edges look like moats and it is way too wet to mow the grass or walk around the beds to weed.

Feast or famine!


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tepelus(6a SW MI)

For the first couple of weeks in May we didn't have much rain to even matter. One day last week we had a good soaking rain. Looks like we're about to get some more right now.


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linda_p(Z 5, NW IL)

It's bad here in my corner of NW Illinois. There was a half inch of rain a few miles south of me last night, and a good rain a few miles north, but we got sprinkles. No measurable rain here since the end of April. I have hostas going dormant from heat and lack of moisture. I watered before I left for Minnesota last week....watched about 4 inches of rain come down last Wed eve and all day Thursday in Burnsville, MN, but there was none here while I was gone. I started the sprinkler up Saturday, and am less than 1/3 of the way around the garden. So sad to see hostas laying on the ground and going dormant at the end of May. They are predicting a chance for rain this week, but then we were supposed to get heavy rain yesterday and it all went right around us.

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Central IL looks like August. Grass is turning crispy brown and the hostas are really starting to show signs of stress. I have way too many to water, so only the strong will survive this. The newly transplanted are getting a hand delivered drink every other day, but they don't look good with the temps in the mid 90's. We were supposed to have rain last night....lots of lightning.....but not a drop of rain.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

I feel for you guys. We had a bad year last year - hot and dry. Fortunatley, I was able to water. It was so hot though, that everything turned crispy anyway. My hosta looked terrible, as did everything else. I didn't loose any hosta, though. Only the small ones came back smaller. Everything else looked like they had a nice year last year. If only I'd been that lucky with the lawn....


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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

I'm surprised the weather site's have us listed as having normal rain for the month. 2.37 inches and I still have plants drying out and lying on the ground. Part of the issue for me is that I have mature oak trees, so the understory doesn't really get wet unless the rain is heavy enough. I was happy to see that last night it was!

Also on the bright side, I set up an automatic timer yesterday to work with my soaker hoses on 4 of my beds. Just need to get 2 more spigots for it. It's only 4 beds, but that's 4 of the drier beds off my worry list.

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It has been dry here in central WI, too. Horrible dust storm last Friday, worse than any dust storm I ever saw when I lived in western Oklahoma!

Fortunately, Friday night we had rain & then several more rains since then.

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I looked up the weather stats for this month... 0.81 inches of rain, driest spring on record here. The seven day forecast has four days of possible rain next week, and temps under 70 for four days straight.

Woohoo it's finally Spring!!

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