Best manual tools for making juice (oranges, apples, and berries)

achilles007November 29, 2010

The key word here is non-electric.

The puzzling part is I am looking to make a wide variety of fruit juices, from berries, to citrus fruits, to the harder fruits (apples, pears)

Will a contraption like this work for pureeing fruits en masse? (from 00:00- 00:50):

Looks like it would work genius for apples, but not too sure if it would for citrus fruits that would need to be squeezed or pureed even further... or for berries that are small enough that they wouldnt get a fair chopping through the blades.

Any help please is much appreciated

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And by "en-masse", I mean roughly enough to be able to chew through enough fruit to easily give me 2-3 gallons of juice.

I understand cooking the fruit down will also yield more juice, but for products such as "fresh-squeezed" orange juice or lemonade, doing such a thing isnt as ideal seeing that it would partly take away from its "freshness".

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

We have tried two mechanical citrus juicers - the kind with a pull down arm like a slot machine. The arm broke off from both after a few weeks. Now we just don't juice.

Here is a link that might be useful: The type which broke

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