Pubicalyx RHP Seed Growing!!

teisa(6)September 30, 2013

I have a wonderful Hoya Friend who had a Seed Pod on her Pubicalyx! She was gracious enough to send me RHP Seeds!! She is a very sweet Hoya "mentor" that has been growing for many years. Ive never had a seed pod and I am tickled to give it a try. Im going to document my growing!!

Im guessing there was probably 60 seeds. I planted 3 containers in soil and 2 in moss. They started coming up in 2 days! The ones in the moss came up first.

This is a picture of her Pubicalyx with the 2 seed pods. I thought I would include this picture to show others what they look like on the Hoya.

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Wow...sweet!Hope they grow good for you!

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These are the seeds on day 3. The ones in moss came up first.

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This is the moss example. I would love to hear anyones experience starting seeds in moss. I got the idea when someone else grew there's this way. They seem to do really well. But there may be problems transplanting them down the line. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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This is my seeds only 5 days later! They are growing Sooo fast!!

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Hey Teisa - they look good, are the still growing well? I saw your post on my thread, but thought I'd answer you here.

My first set of seeds were from serpens, but that was two years ago, so the details are a bit foggy. :) getting old here.

I know I used spag to sow them, in shallow wide containers that I set in another shallow tray of water, so the moss was always moist. They grew very well in it. The only problem I had was when I went to repot them, it was difficult to see the difference between the very fine baby roots and the spag.

And then last year, I had two pods from DS-70, that I put half on spag and half on my perlite/Turface mix I use, again in a shallow tray of water. Unfortunately none germinated.

Now ths year I had memoria develop a pod, and I sowed them on Rockwool cubes, again with a shallow reserve of water, they germinated very well. But unfortunately the snails found them and only left me a few, then my son dumped over the pot yesterday, so now I only have two.

And Monday my obscura pod opened, of course when I had run out, so I only got 4 seeds, but as of this morning, it looked like three had already started. These again on Rockwool cubes with a water reserve.

I again have two pods on DS-70, I'll try again with it, when it is ready, and I found another pod on lacunosa the other day, so I'll see what they do as well.

So personally I don't think it matters so much what you start them on, as long as you keep them most enough, until they develop a bit.

Btw, two years after I started the Serpens, I've kept three and they are developing into nice size plants, will be interesting to see how long it takes for them to be mature enough to bloom.


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Teisa, sorry just reread your question and realized I didn't answer it.

No I did not convert the Serpens babies to S/H. I don't think I've ever tried Serpens that way. When they got big enough to pot them out individually, some went into Turface/Perlite, some into Rockwool cubes, but all with bottom drainage.

And really most of the time I have a plant in S/H, I start it that way from a cutting. Now I do convert from S/H to traditional potting quite often as nowadays I start all cuttings in S/H.

And please forgive all the typos, this stupid iPad doesn't always register my fingers and it seriously messes up words.


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Yes they are growing GREAT! I have 5 pots of them. I had never grown seeds in moss so I am glad to see you back! I think I will try growing some the rockwool cubes. I appreciate your help. I was so glad to see you back and posting!!

Good luck with your seed pods! And I too would be very curious how long from seed to blooming.


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