A Budding Pothead?

don_in_coloradoMay 5, 2013

Maybe so, although most of these are being sited in the ground. I still am going to put a half dozen assorted Hostas in the front and back, in decorative pots. Hostas EVERYWHERE! My wife's gonna love it! ;)

Don B.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Any excuse to grow hosta works. Great job. They will be up in no time. Paula

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You're headed that way, it seems.

And what better place to be a Pothead than in the first state to make it a legal recreational activity.....

If you do not want to raise them all up with the ornamental wrought iron stands, do as Babka and cut two strips of 2x2 lumber for your lifters.

And I have a picture somewhere of some pots which have a sort of foam element to them, and while they are dark colored, I think they insulate the soil and roots from much of the summer heat. Heat gain is an issue with hosta in containers, so watch for that when (IF) it ever gets hot weather. That's why I am clustering my small/miniature hosta together, since smaller pots overheat so quickly.

Note: if the shade is right in your new bed between the house and the wooden fence where the a/c is, think about trying a few of the smaller pots in a metal ring attached to the fence. I saw some being sold for 4, 6, and 8 inch pots at Vintage Tub and Bath which must be a new product line for them. But also check Lowes and HDepot. If you're likely to keep those big hosta watered regularly, you'd catch the smaller pots as well.

Yep, you're turning into one of us! Twilight Zone time.

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So which hosta are in the pots?


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Babka NorCal 9b

I use 1/2" x 1/2" x 3" to 6"long sticks. Sometimes if I find redwood stakes in 3/4" width, I cut those up into whatever length I like. I have a few 2X2 sticks that I use to raise a pot a little higher than the rest, but the whole idea is to NOT see them under the pot, so the length is just short of the bottom of the pot. You can make any sort of mini platform out of 2x4 or 2x6 lumber to lift a pot higher for groupings.

You need something that lifts the pot off wherever it is sitting, won't leave rust marks, is easy to move around, and doesn't detract from your pots.

Have fun. With pots you can pick your "hosta of the day/week" and feature it right where you get to gaze upon it with your mouth hanging open, wondering how could a leaf be so incredible beautiful.

I'm sure you will enjoy being a Pothead.


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Ludi _PA_7a

First to 500 wins :p

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Now Ludi, that's a dare!
You are well on your way judging from your head count. I love all that Chinese cayenne pepper on top. Look good enough to eat.

Nope, you will fly past me like I'm standing still.....look at the space you have to plant in, to cluster pots in, you have it hands down.

Me, I estimate by the time I get in the GreenMountain, the Savory, the 3 Wade Gatton orders, and see what comes out of the seeds, I should be above 350 inching up on 375. And that is between me and thee, since DH is aware now there are a "few more" than the 100 he saw when he went north last May.

And that was when my addiction really caught fire. I can see the headline now:
"Senior Succumbs To Hosta Addiction"
"Altzheimer Patient Spiels Hosta Names But Doesn't Know Own Name"

"Divorce Issued Due To Hosta Addiction"

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LOL DH can count pots, he's being an enabler by his silence, eh? :)

Don B.

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