First hummer I've seen all spring/summer

danakc(z6 SW ID)July 18, 2007

I have tried for the 7 years we have lived here to attract hummingbirds-feeders, flowers,etc. I would occasionally see one maybe in May but nothing after that. I haven't seen any this year. I figured it is just way to hot here.

Yesterday while sitting on my deck I looked over at my huge butterfly bush and what do you know, there was a hummer at it. I watched it feed then it flew to our aspen tree and sat for quite a while.

I was so excited, my family just rolled their eyes at me. Before we moved here, we lived in the mountains and I would have to fill 3 feeders every day, because we had so many birds. I really miss them.


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Dana, I'm excited for you! I lived in an old farmhouse in the middle of cornfields and you can bet I had a hard time attracting hummers to my yard, but I kept planting bird-attractive plants (flowers, shrubs, and trees) and provided water sources and low and behold, after 8 years, I finally got my first hummer! They were regular visitors for the remaining 10 years I lived there. Enjoy, and I'll do a happy dance for you! :)

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Dana---I know how you feel once youve had a lot of hummers and then hardly any , its difficult. Its sorta like losing a long time friend. But heres hoping you keep the one you have and he tells his buddies, good luck.

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