Has anyone tried this type of feeder?

bocron(z7a GA)July 3, 2007

Hi all, kind of new to the hummingbird threads, but not new the GW.

I have been pretty lucky in that I have a garden full of plants that the hummers like. This year I finally dug out a feeder I had in the basement and hung it and was stunned when they started using it within 24 hours. The family has really enjoyed watching them so I've decided to add a couple of other feeders to the yard. I have seen a few very attractive feeders and wondered if anyone has any success with them.

Here's one I was hoping to hang outside my office window in my hosta bed.

Would love some input, Thanks!


Here is a link that might be useful: feeder

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nicknackhummer(Zone 7)


I haven't tried that one but think it's gorgeous. I've seen it around here. Our WBU sells the Parasol brand as well as another local store. I bought the Parasol Bouquet feeder this year. I found the bottles to be nice thick glass with no rough edges. It's *extremely* easy to clean (easier than any hummingbird feeder I've ever used). It's more beautiful than any feeder I've ever seen, and I love the little parasol you can get for an ant moat.

The bad news is I haven't seen a hummingbird use it. They went for my Dr. JB's feeder (also extremely easy to clean and well made). I was hoping someone else would answer you, because I'd really love to hear from someone who did have hummingbirds using these--don't really know anyone who's bought them, although they are selling at our local stores.

I'm not a good person to go by, though, as I only had a hummingbird for one week in May. Then she went away, although I'm continuing cleaning the feeders and hoping more will come. We have more hummingbirds here as we get into July, August and September.

Sorry I'm not really helping you. I agree with you that it's a gorgeous feeder! It is designed to work. Some of the cheaper glass feeders that you can buy at places like Home Depot can't work. I've heard it explained, but this one can.

I do highly recommend the Dr. JB's if you'd like to read about it. www.drjbs.com


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bocron(z7a GA)

Thanks for the reply. I have found that if you do a search on ebay you can find the blown glass feeders for a much better price, of course.
I think I will buy one and if it doesn't attract the hummers, then I'll keep it as garden art.
I'll check out your link, I'm hoping to have at least 4-5 feeders up and going.

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nicknackhummer(Zone 7)


Please let us know if the hummer use the feeder! I'm really interested.

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Ive seen some similar ones to that one, but those are more for the buyer or viewers pleasure, a hummer could care less if it cost $1 or $100 as long as it has nectar. I would prefer one that is simple and easy to clean and those just happen to be the cheaper ones.

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bocron(z7a GA)

I bought one on ebay last night, so hopefully should have it next week.
I'll post results!


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nanny56(IN 5b)

I have a hummzinger that they use, cost about $20. But the favorite one that is always busy I got at walmart for $4.98. I'm picking up another one to have for next year!! If I put a glass one out it would get broke for sure. But it is kind of pretty.

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novice60(8 ATL)

Thats pretty. Have not tried that but did try the heavy glass one and they did not like it. Have three different kinds; the one they seem to like best is the "sexy" one. I call it that because it has an hour-glass figure. LOL. Just plastic and cheap. However, haven't seen many friends this year yet. Curious to know if it works though.

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yardenman(z7 MD)

Bocron, hummers love feeders. One year, as I carried out the first hummer feeder, one came to it while I was carrying it! Obviously, I was a little late in setting them out that year! LOL!

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I bought my first feeder yesterday I saw the one you have online and loved it, but it was pricey. I thought I would invest the $$$ in plants rather than a feeder at this point. I only spent$7.00!! I can see that feeder in the near future- maybe next week! LOL! I have to ease my dh into my new habit!

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I think the ornamental feeders are beautiful but I use the good old basic HumZ's. Easy to clean and don't leak. I did use a few of the bottle feeders that have to be turned upside down to attach but eventually they leaked and the ants were everywhere, even with ant motes.

I agree, even if your hummers don't like the feeder, it will still be a lovely piece of garden art! :D Janie

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Hello. I saw this post last week and considered responding because I have a feeder that is similar to this one. I bought it because it was beautiful, but also because I thought it was one that was recommended on this forum. Maybe not, though. Probably I just loved the way it looked. Anyway, I have had it for three years and have rarely seen a hummer on it. But yesterday evening, just after I got home from work, I was looking out the door to my deck and noticed a little hummer sitting on the perch and just feeding away. It stayed there for a long time and later, as I was passing the door, I saw it again. It's in a different spot from my other feeders, but I have tried it in various places. This spot is a shady one, for what it's worth.

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