Septmeber 2012 buds and blooms !!!

dmichael619(8a)September 2, 2012

I just have a single hoya in bloom right now that I wish to share with you all (there's more open but this one stole the spotlight!!). It's a first time bloomer for me and the plant is a little over 4 years old. There's along story behind it and I don't have time to go into details at the moment so all i'll do is post the picture!

I already have a #1 favorite hoya and a lot of you know already that that is hoya lambii. Well this one has just been thrust upon the throne as well coming in at position #2 !!!

These flower are pretty in picture but absolutely stunning in person. Oddly enough I did not detect any fragrance from such a beautiful flower.

SLIDE BACK FROM YOUR KEYBOARDS SO YOU DON"T GET ELECTROCUTED!!!! I can't be held responsible for anyone who dribbles and gets shocked!!!

May I introduce to you H. hypolasia!!!!!

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What a gorgeous flower. This is such a fussy Hoya for me and I lost my plant after a couple of years. I think this one really appreciates high humidity along with good air movement.
The flowers look like they have the same velvety texture as the leaves. Is the peduncle particularly long?

Congratulations !!!!!!


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WOW! My iPad has glass so I was spared. XO David! ~ Mary

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... wiping drool off the table ... P~~

You all post such gorgeous photos, and I steal them left and right and use them for my desktop background (most definitely including this one!!). Yes, I am a shameless thief! Someday, when my baby hoyas grow up and have beautiful blooms, I'll return the favor. For now, I am just an envious photo thief!

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Mike I found this one a bit tricky to grow when I first got it. It sat for 1 year and did absolutely nothing . The second year it put out new growth ( this was having it in the gh during the winter and outside under the shade house spring and summer)as long as it was outside it grew very well but when I had to move it back into the gh to overwinter all of that seasons new growth would die off.This happened 2 years in a row.Last winter I decide to bring it inside my house and see what would happen. Well it loved it!!! It actively grew all winter long and this is how it formed peduncles. Had I continued what I was doing to begin with I probably would have never seen this hoya bloom!! It sits in a spot under the shade house that receives very bright indirect light for pretty much the entire day,until the sun moves over and behind the gh late in the evening. And yes it does get very high humidity here as well!!!!

The flowers are just as velvety as the leaves. No the peduncle isn't very long. I'd guess from where it forms on the vine to the tip of the buds is about 3 1/2 - 4 inches maybe.

I am so relieved!!!

and anyone else who wishes to do so,feel free to use any of my photos for your desktop or art work or what ever you may want to use them for.

anyone here paint??? I think that would look great on canvas!!!!

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OH my, oh my oh my. I'm in love!

I tried to order this one a little while ago when I placed an order from HI, but it wasn't available.

Top of my wish list.

I finally after three years managed to bloom my cagayensis! yay! will have to get the pics up soon.


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Here are a couple recent bloomers - may be end of August tho.

Hoya cagayanensis

Hoya finlaysonii

Hoya rubra

Hoya DS-70

and finally... Hoya pachyclada again. This little guy will not grow. But it is at least the third time it has bloomed this summer.


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The cagayanensis is pretty. I believe I saw flowers on mine yesterday while in the gh. It's been blooming for a while but it seems like each time I think to take the camera out to get a picture of it ,it's too late!!!

I love both photos of your DS-70.

How long have you had the pachyclada??? I grow all of mine in my own potting mix and they seem to like it. They do grow slow but I get several sets of new leaves each year.

I've got the white center,pink center,red center and one of the new Thai variegated clones . The one they call variegata (1) the leaf center is green with a white trim around that and a red edge. I just got it a couple of months ago and it has rooted in nicely and I noticed that it's already trying to push some new growth from one of the nodes.

I have another plant that I got from Thailand about 2 years ago that just came labeled as a sp. It has very thick succulent leaves with a fine red edge to them and if you want to talk about a slow growing plant,this would be the one!!! I think it has now been described as a clone of H. subquituplinervis . SubQ is a bit of a slow grower as well but not nearly as slow as the pachy's.


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Is the red edged succulent hoya EPC 609 cv Bent that you are talking about David?

Renee those pictures are eye candy. I love it when a is smaller and blooms that early. I just got pachy red and hope mine rewards me that early!

~ Mary

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it's not cv. Bent I have that as well and they aren't even close. The leaves on the plant in question are VERY thick and succulent like a jade plant. Jack only had it listed one time and i bought it. Shortly after that the picture and all disappeared from his website. If I am not mistaken I believe that the label said EPC 619 but I can not find any info on it at all. I asked Jack about last month but he must have overlooked the question as he never got back to me about it. I'll try to get a picture of the plant tomorrow and post.


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Thanks guys :)

David, I've had the pachy about a year and a half now. Got it as a 2 node cutting, it rooted pretty easy, grew one new set of leaves, a penduncle and then has bloomed three time. I know they are slow, but one set of leaves in a year and a half?

Maybe it will stop blooming and start thinking about growing soon?


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