Feeding Frenzy

hummersteveJuly 7, 2008

I have a lot hummers coming to my feeders and Im in a rural area new addition so it can be done , but on the other side of my house is farmland with some habitat and woods at each which helps my case. One thing that caught my eye was the adult males in the flock. Enjoy! but I warn you this is about 3min. long, so beware.

Here is a link that might be useful: my hummers

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COOL ; i'm still only getting an occasional hummer very 3 or 4 days; WAaaaaaaaaa ; guess i'll just look at every ones pics; lol

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Steve do you have my hummers up there in Martinsville? I only see a male occasionally There may be more than one but I am missing something. I have all kinds of plants for them but they are few and far between.

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Indygardengirl--- Its pretty obvious I have a lot , where are you located. Im assuming south of me since you said up there. Do you have any good habitat for them near you , that is important and then once you get a few hummers coming you should put as many feeders out as you can and keep them filled and fresh. Right now a lot of my plants arent mature enough to flower , but some are. Lately every evening about 9 o'clock what you see in the video is what I have.

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