H. compacta flower buds

maidinmontanaSeptember 21, 2009


I noticed two oval buds on this plant today. It has never flowered for me. The mothr plant I got it from has bloomed quite a bit but I never paid attention to how the flower clung to the plant.

Do these not get a peduncle, just a cluster of buds?

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Not sure what you are seeing, but I'm wondering if they are actual buds.

Every hoya develops peduncles, and the buds form on the peduncles. Some peduncles are shorter than others though. Is there even a short peduncle where the buds are coming from, or are they just coming from the vine? If it's the latter, then they can't be buds unfortunately.

Do you have a pic that you can post so we can help see what's going on?


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Hi Gabi, Here's a few pics. These are both on the same vine. Now that I see them up close like this there is no doubt they are buds. I looked but couldn't see a peduncle, it must be there tho. This is only a 1 year old cutting, do they usually set buds that soon? Hope this helps.

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Actually you have it reversed - those aren't buds, they are peduncles. You probably never noticed them, but they have been there since you've had the plant because they are very old peduncles. You can tell from the layers (the more layers on the "microphone" part, the more times it has bloomed).

So hopefully you will get buds soon. However, it's hard to tell. I have many plants with old peduncles, and sometimes the peduncles will bloom...but sometimes they won't. Let's hope yours will!

And as far as how soon a plant blooms, it depends on the hoya. Some are early bloomers and some aren't (can take up to 10 years!). Carnosa varieties (like your's) can take quite awhile - but since you already have peduncles you shouldn't have to wait long.


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Thanks Gabi, now I fell like a dummy. I really never noticed them until last night. I was on the floor looking up to the shelf they sit on. Must have been cuz I never looked at it from that angle before.

Thanks for the insight,

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On a similar note, what can you do to encourage a compacta to start growing peduncles? Does it take years, or just the right growing conditions?

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Nothing specifically that you can do to encourage a plant to grow peduncles and bloom, other than giving the plant good care and allowing time - sometimes lots of time!

Most hoyas bloom best when pot bound so don't put the plant in too big of a pot. Light intensity can also play a role in how fast a plant will bloom, depending on the species/cultivar. Google is your friend in this respect and searching for a specific species/cultivar will often turn up info on how easy a plant is to get to bloom.

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Ditto to what Mike said. It takes the right growing conditions and overall care. However, all carnosa varieties, such as H. compacta, can take a very long time to grow peduncles. Maid got lucky by taking cuttings that already had peduncles! I guess that would be the fastest way!!


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I have one of these compactas. It is an EA, I've had it for several years, it is huge, and I gave cuttings of it early on to my mother and my sister. BOTH of them have had theirs bloom frequently. Mine has bloomed three times that I know of, from one peduncle, and I have never seen it in bloom because of how it's displayed. I am in the process of getting my DH to hang it for me so we can see it from below. When it's hung, I'm going to have it so I can see the peduncle easily.

My sister's plant has several peduncles, the only thing she does differently than me is she waters it with Miracle Grow. I've been using an expensive organic fertilizer meant to encourage blooms rather than MG. Guess what I just switched to for occasional fertilizing? LOL

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My Hoya carnosa compacta is only a year old and it produced many flower pods but never flowered. I know these are new because I had just got the plant and when I repotted it, it quadrupled in size. I watch my plants very closely and while I may not cater to them at all times I still watch and document their progress. I think the reason mine didn't flower was because I had them in direct sunlight outside last summer. So this year I'm keeping it outside in the shade when the time is right and see if that makes a difference. The only thing I lack here in NC zone 8a is the lack of moisture. It does get hot here in the summer but it's mostly dry so I'm thinking of getting a mister. I put a pic of mine at the present time and it's currently inside because it is freezing outside. Happy planting!!

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