Ants getting to hummer feeder!

hummersteveJuly 2, 2010

For 3 or 4 years now I have been hanging a pp209 on my back porch and no ant problems but now ants are getting to it, so there must be some dripping. There are a couple of things to do either have a separate container or dish that has a sweeter mix to draw them away or add an ant moat. So Im going with the latter, but Im not going to buy one but have opted to make my own. Here is one way to do it. I opt for a more solid moat and dont want to mess with duct tape or a glue gun.

Here is a link that might be useful: how to make an ant moat

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Ok I already had the turnbuckle part so I picked up some washers, rubbers and nuts put a stop to this ant business. You should have seen the fun when the ants went crazy since they could no longer get to the sugar mix.

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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

Looks great Steve! Very professional looking. I bet it was just a curious scouting ant that found the feeder. I can't see how the 209 could possibly drip. Even if the hummers are sloppy and get the ports a little wet I can't see it making it to the ground.

What kind of laundry detergent did that cover come from?

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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

Strange that the counter did not go up with my post from over a week ago... Perhaps this one will update the counter.

The moat working out for you Steve?

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Hi Ken

Thanks and yes I thought it looked good too. BTW there were a lot of ants on the feeder. What happens is the heat will expand the mix and force it to drip out. Then too sometimes wind blowing the feeder back and forth could do it. I tried the beveled rubbers first , they dont work well use flat rubbers. At first the moat would drip a drop on occasion even after tightening as tight as I could , but after a few days it quit dripping had to seat itself I guess. I noticed a couple of overeager ants in the moat water.

I got this dispenser cup off a large container of "Xtra" detergent I got at the dollar store. The extra bucks didnt bother me a bit when it comes to fixing the ant problem. I liked the large clear cup it offers as most likely you do too.


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dee2000_tx7(DFW 7b)

That moat looks great.I like that better than mine. I have been making them here too for several years. It seems the ants were always a problem. But I use a spray paint cap with the inside little cup built in. I used the eye hook thru the bottom & super glue around it to guard against leaks. I've been using wire for hanger attached to the inside cup, as the ants would crawl down the wire past the water to the nectar if I attached to the outside edge.
Also, the little chickadees often drink out of the moat.

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I thought about maybe using a paint cap as I had those too, but with this clear cup its easy to always know that you have enough water in the cup, plus this cup is bigger.

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dee2000_tx7(DFW 7b)

Good point about seeing thru it. What is that in the center that the hooks are attached to? It looks like a plastic tubing. Is it part of the turnbuckle?

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Yes mine all came together as one piece and mine looks different than the one at the top in the link, here it is. Dont ask me where I got mine as its been laying in the catch all drawer for a long time.

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dee2000_tx7(DFW 7b)

Ok, thank you so much for your trouble. I'm sure I can find the necessary parts around here somewhere, since my hubby is in the fasteners business.

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Hey, just spray the hanger with Avon Skin-so-soft - works like a champ - have to renew once in a while - maybe every couple of weeks

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I just use Vaseline on the hangar - works like a charm. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night affects the barrier. Easy peasy!


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jazmin1996(3 (N. Ont))

Steve just want to thank you for the info on the ant moat. The ants were driving me crazy mostly because whenever I brought my feeders in to clean I had to chase ants around the sink that were in the feeder spouts. Well I made the ant moat and the ants are gone. You're right, for the first day it was funny watching them go, turn around and go down and back up again. It was like they thought they were lost and took the wrong turn. Thanks again.

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Good for you, hey its worth going thru the trouble of making one just see the ants going nuts. I too would have the ants getting on the sink when I brought it in even if I washed it out first as they can hide most anywhere..

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I also made an ant moat out of a spray paint cap. I just drilled a hole in the bottom and threaded the bird feeder wire through the hole and let the moat rest on the flat top of the feeder. I put a drop or two of dish soap in the water in the moat: keeps mosquitoes from laying eggs in it.

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grilla(Zone 8)

Very professional looking Steve. Nice job. I've yet to attempt to design a moat for our two feeders that set on our balcony railings. We set them there because the winds can pick up in a serious way behind our house.

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