finally have a visitor

cghpndJuly 10, 2013

Finally seen a just so happened to be while the feeder was being cleaned. It buzzed it, took a look then left.

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shillanorth Z4 AB

What a bummer!!! I am still waiting for a first sighting - here`s hoping.............

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michelliot(z7 ny)

your not alone

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I just had 2 hummers chasing each other, and feeding. One hummer visited window feeder, but not long enough for a pic. I am hoping they are here to stay and will invite their friends to visit my feeders. I have 4 feeders out, and can add more. It is 76 degrees in Baton Rouge now, and raining. I am ready for more activity!

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I'm a new hummingbird enthusiast, if you will, and i spotted my first visitor on July 21st @ 3:00pm. Since that first sighting, he has been consistently returning to my feeder during various times of the day, but for no longer than a minute or so. He seems to take a few sips and goes on his way.

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