Up then out?

ivysmomMay 8, 2012

OK, so far the 4 hostas I have in planter boxes in our shady alley, plus the one (Sum & Substance) potted in an oak barrel getting lots more sun are doing great! However, I noticed that my Empress Wu has started a more upright growth after being boxed and put in the alley, and the Sum and Substance is doing the same out in the sun. Is this normal?

The Patriot is sending up a scape and its growth is a small sprawl (horizontal). The June is a nice combo of up and out, the Stained Glass is a wonderful tangle of new eyes that look like a bad hair day.

Do certain sports/types have different growth habits (or different when they are young plants) than others, necessarily?

Btw, that Blue Yankee with the weirdo scape I cut off is growing slowest, but it is growing more out than up. It seems fine so far.

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Different hosta have different growth habits. Look at Sagae in the Hostalibrary.org for upright growth. I'm sure there are better examples, but, at my house,Wide Brim is more sprawling, to use your term. I don't have Patriot, so I'm not sure about it. Sum and Substance is pretty upright. I don't have Empress Wu, but I think it's upright, too.

When you go to the hostalibrary, on the upper left hand corner is a link to myhostas.be which often has a description. On EW, it uses the term, "strongly upright".


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S&S will end up being a mound shape as will EW. Ones like Regal Splendor, Krossa Regal, Sagae will be vase shaped.

Most young hosta will look different while immature. They can also look different early in the Spring before they are fully leafed out.

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Much better answer, Frank.


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Patriot will develop a compact mound of leaves on petiole that are perpendicular to the ground but quite short; upright but not vase shaped.


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