hostaLes(5)May 14, 2012

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This is my daughter Leslie's blue hosta. It's leaves resemble Blue Cadet but it seems way too large. Can anyone help me ID it?


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Blue Cadet can get good size and blooms heavily - listed as s/m.


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I didn't realize BC has such dark flowers. Leslie's are pale lavender.

The photo was taken last August, and there is some scorching, as evident by the S&S next to it.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

pearl lake???


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Being so late in the year and with the sun exposure this plant is showing greener than it usually does. She has one of my Serendipity about 10' away and it is normally bluer than Serendipity. I can't get there to measure the clump but using the HL link you gave shows Pearl Lake to be small. This mound is about 40" diameter. Otherwise the profusion of blooms applies. But the 4x4 leaf size given for Pearl Lake is definitely too small.

Believe me when I say I have looked at hostas until I am blue in the face and have never been confident to say "this is H. 'Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx'. Maybe I should just tell people it is 'Ex Ex' and let it go at that. But I am not ready to give up yet.

Knowing Leslie, I am sure it was sold as a registered hosta or she wouldn't have bought it. I was living in Arkansas at the time, so I was unable to keep her ship upright. lol


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kiendu(WIS z4)

I have lots that look like this... have had them get up to that size... if I'd just quit dividing them! (great edging, tree ring hostas) Anyway, I think it looks like Hadspen Blue.

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evermore_gw z 4/5 NB

The compact form reminds me of Pacific Blue Edger. Here is mine:


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