would you have any advice???

emerald1951September 6, 2012

Hi all...I have this hoya hindu rope I have had it for I'd guess maybe 7 or more years...it has never bloomed for me..

I only but it outside 1 summer, because it got covered with mealys and it took me 2 years to get rid of them...

its been over a year now mealy free....

the plant is on a 4 foot stand, but the plant is 5 feet long....very full pot....

it sits in a filtered south window, I water it with a bloom booster I water once a week, I probably could water less if I repotted to a bigger pot... I still have no flowers, any suggestions??? thanks for any help....linda

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Sorry I don't have any advice, but that is one impressive hindu rope.


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I have a specimen plant that is between 13-14 years old. It currently resides in a 16" basket but needs to be re potted as it tends to dry out too quickly. I guess that's because it's about 6 1/2 - 7 ft long. It was longer but i got crazy last year and took some off the bottom of it because it was bit unmanageable when moving it in and out of the gh. Mine blooms reliably every year but there was a time about 3 years ago when it really put on a show. It only did it that one time and never again. I counted over 130 clusters of flowers open on it at one time. It bloom every year but hasn't done that again since that first time.

Here's how I take care of mine.

First,do not let it dry out completely. If you do you're just sending an invitation to the mealy bugs letting them know that their dinner is ready!!!! A dry hindu rope is a mealy magnet!!! Keep the plant moist but not always soaking wet. If you ever get a bad infestation of mealies in a rope it's nearly impossible to ever get rid of them completely. Trust me I know!!! I got slack once and allowed mine to dry out for a short while and it got them so bad that the you'd of thought it was a cotton plant!! I ended up having to find a container large enough to submerge the entire thing in a bath of Bayers. I don't like using that stuff but it seems to be thee one method of getting rid of them in a bad situation. I have been chemical free with my plants now for a couple of years and try to stay on top of any pest that I see either by physically removing them with my hands or using alcohol.

The second thing is to have it growing in very bright indirect light. That should promote blooming. Full sun will burn it badly and you'll end up with a very unsightly plant,so no direct sun.

Hope this helps.


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That is the most awesome hindu rope ever! Way to Grow!

I found out last year that my hindu rope variegated (the one with the yellow in the center) does not like to be moved. It did great until I moved it from one side of the room to the another in my office. It went into fast decline even when I moved it back to its original location. So it never got over being mad with me. :-)


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Hi Linda,

My sis has a compacta that's just huge - hangs in her dining room and reaches the floor. It's massive and she used to complain it had never bloomed. I got her to try Eleanor's VF-11 and within a few months, it started blooming. That's why she now swears by the stuff and even though she doesn't make much profit after the shipping, she's the only one in the area who sells it in her nursery.

Denise in Omaha

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