Pachyclada Seedlings

eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)September 30, 2011

Hi Hoya friends... I have to ask this question before I can go to be bed tonight... Sue's pachyclada seeds... I have 4 that successfully germinated (after dropping the carefully, almost surgically, planted seeds, in the container...all the way to the floor)... so 4 is great... 1 is missing its first set of leaves... too much mothering!...ugh... it and the 3 siblings are about 3 glangly, gawky, teenager-ish inches tall!... planted for the 2nd time into the tiny 3oz dixie cups... which if kept moderately moist, get fluffy "mildew"??? on the outside!... they are on a shelf, no drafts, not nosey pets, under a cfl bulb all day long until bedtime.. I keep checking them... mother hens have no idea... perhaps put a tblsp or two of water in around the "stem" when the top seems dry... very very diluted "miracle grow" type basic fertilizer once in a while. I mixed some AV soil w/some perlite and a few very small pebbles to lighten the soil. They were originally planted on 8/26..moved to my new apt with more care than my grandmother's ancient dishes... so.. all that being said.. I fear transplanting again into "dry" dixie cups only to have them get fuzzy in a few days, which will in fact be their 3rd transplantation!.. please someone.. everyone.. what can I do and what can I expect to happen and when can I expect it.. and anything else I forgot to ask... I so want these little babies to make it... the one without leaves.. what is its future? it is still growing tall ... keeping up with the others.. will it eventually get another set of leaves?.. I don't think I could be anymore careful.. but too many transplantings have to take a toll!.. and the risk of ruination!...Help ... thanks... Eileen... newbie in Vermont!...nite nite!

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Hi Eileen, good luck with your new babies and in Vermont, I must confess that I didn't understand all you wrote but I understood the context, keep doing your best and for sure they will surprise you pretty soon. I don't remember who post the experience with the seeds but for sure she (I know it was she, might PG don't remember) will guide you on the next steps of the seed's developement.

Good luck in Vermont!

Mitzi from Brazil

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Hi Eileen
My pachyclada seedlings are down to four from about 10 that germinated. They had their leaves just dry up and wither. I trashed them. I didn't think they could grow new leaves from just the stem. Two of them have one set of real leaves. I have put them all into yogurt cups, planted them all the way at bottom of cup. They are still way above soil level. They are under lights so I don't understand why they are so tall. I'm out of town for a week at my granddaughter's Sweet 16 birthday party. When I get home next week, I'll take pictures so you can see what mine look like. That is, if they are still growing. LOL. The weather is still warm and I'm tempted to put one seedling outside among my other hoya and see what happens to them. I just received some more seeds from podster and sowed them before I left. I'm hoping to see 'green' when I get home. I'll keep you posted.
~Eileen in FL~

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Mitzi... thanks for your good wishes... I so want these little guys/gals to make it... what a feat that would be!

Eileen.. I did buy a 4-pak of "Activia" yogurt (no ad intented) b/c they are very small (3 oz) plastic.. so ... though I hate to do it.. I will have to transplant again! I can't imagine going away and leaving them ..alone!!! LOL... would probably figure out some way to take them!..HA... I keep thinking I'd take pics of all my new plant charges... but I'd have to sit down long enough to work with a pix app of some kind... freebie of course.. and I'm still unpacking and trying to organize this apt... I actually need another kitchen for all the stuff I have... still in boxes!... but... finally got to do laundry today.. what a treat!.. looking forward to your pics... hope your babies hang on til your home to care for them!... Thanks Eileen

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Hi girls,

I'd love to see pictures of the new babies... please.........


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As long as the weather stays mild, my hoya and the few orchids outside (two blooming right now) will be fine. They were watered before we left. The hoya seedings are on the plant stand in the house, along with my african violet leaves that are rooting, and a few violet babies. They are in covered trays to keep in moisture. Will post pictures as soon as I get back home.

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Mitzi... when I can finally complete unpacking in my new apt... and have all the curtains hung... and can finally... sit down and spend some time with my camera etc... I will take some pics..

Eileen if Fla.... have a nice trip.. sounds like you took care of your hoya charges!.. Today I did transplant the 3 of my seedlings that had leaves on them into separate plastic yogurt cups.. and set them into a large food storage container and put a plastic bag over them, back under the cfl which is on from the moment I get up until I go to bed.. I will put them on my bakers rack by the window as soon as the doom and gray and rain leave the area and we get some sun... a bit back from the window.. I also made up some seaweed food today for all my plants... the hoyas got first dibs and used a small amt on the still hoping.. though the roots on these scraggly babies are so tiny!... maybe it takes a long time to get going... will hover over them daily!... also potted up today my adopted nummeraloides stem.. which rooted in water and a broken brevialta stem, also rooted in water and found a rooted leaf in the pot of the new chelsea I picked up at HD Saturday!... I love those leaves on that beauty! thanks for listening.. as they say.. somewhere!... keep us posted on your pachy babies! Eileen in Vermont!

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I hope you can unpack and have everything done in you new apt. I imagine how stressing movings are! Hope your plants didn't get stressed with the changes.

Mitzi from Brazil

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