Favorite Hummer pics

hosta_house(IL 6)July 23, 2008

I'm getting closer & closer

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Those are very cool! :) thanks for sharing!
My wife had never had much exposure to "wildlife" while she was growing up, but I spent much of my life feeding the birds and taking care of feeders - just a hobby. Well, now I am a bit older, and I decided to put all the feeders up around my house - now I have a TON of hummingbirds. My wife thoroughly enjoys them.
Figured I'd share. :)

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Rick, I'm sure those hummingbirds are also enjoying your gorgeous gardens!

The pictures are fabulous! What camera are you using? Are these taken through a window, or out in the garden?

One of our females got so much closer to us this morning after enjoying the B&B salvia. I didn't have my camera with me. She hovered a few feet away from me to check out the color of my shirt. Our greyhound is always with us for our morning and evening garden walks, but the hummers don't seem too concerned.


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hosta_house(IL 6)

Hi Cameron,
Thank you. I'm using an Olympus E510 and I'm snapping pics through the glass with the screen raised. This is "their" feeder and it's easy to take pics as they are on it from sun up to sun down, in the last pic the male gave me some attitude and made a few strange gestures before getting upset and flying off.

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