Ted Green Cuttings - Fitchii & sp. Square Leaf

luckylittlebugSeptember 4, 2010


I don't think I have ever posted to this forum in particular but I have most definitely been a lurker for quite some time, I even know of Al's beer formula, how you all hate mealies (me too!) and how you love ST and Eleanor's...though I've never used either myself yet, but I hope to some day because of what I've read so far.

I'm coming out of hiding in desperation. I ordered 3 different cuttings from Ted Green back in June, Subcalva, Odorata & Obscura (I was in the mood for some scented hoya)and they all came without a hitch...I put them in my ICU on my kitchen counter, under lights and they are all putting out new growth now, except for the subcalva (not worried...isn't it notorious for being a slow grower?)The only problem I had back then was that the odorata came with some mealies but that isn't hard to control with alchohol & BATS, especially on quarantined cuttings and I got rid of them right away and they never showed up again.

So, last week it dawned on me that the cold weather is going to soon arrive and that if I want any more cuttings I better get them soon...so I ordered H. Fitchii and sp. square leaf from Ted Green. They came in the mail today, a week later. and my guess is they were in the mail a whole week (over a week, actually) because the square leaf looks terrible & the fitchii not much better & at the bottom of the box was a search and seizure warrant detailing that the USDA had detained the box and searched it for some period of time. To top it all off there are signs of mealies on one of the cuttings. So, I didn't know exactly what to do...they are currently out on the porch away from other plants, soaking in sugar water. I hope they make it because those two little cuttings cost me 40 dollars!

Does anyone who has personal experience with either of these plant have any information that could increase my chances of saving them? I would be eternally grateful if you could pass that information along! Also, has anyone here successfully grown Hoya Bella or Hoya Polyneura? Any tips? I would like to improve the coloring of my H. Polyneura (side note: I think I overwatered it 2-3 weeks ago. It has white streaks now)...and I've read horror stories about Bella though I'm pretty confident I can grow it. BTW, is there a version with more succulent leaves? The Bella I got recently has one little vine with shiny waxy leaves that are filled with moisture but it's the only one like that...the others are papery but moist and healthy. Sorry this was so long!!

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I am sorry USDA took so long. They have never done that to me when ordering from Ted Green, only Thailand. I actually got my square leaf from Ted and it was very fast to root. I wouldn't give up on them. Maybe set up a hoya cutting aquarium. Good luck.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

You should probably let Ted know this happened. I do know for a fact, from firsthand experience, that sp. Square leaf is extremely tough. Basically, if it's still green, and not crispy, it has a good chance of recovering. I took a couple cuttings from a plant that just kept looking worse and worse, and those cuttings are now growing and finally out of ICU and out in the open. The original plant died. Before they recovered though, they were almost completely wrinkled and pretty much looked dead to me, except they were still green. I had one cutting in a terrarium, and the other potted and set inside a plastic bag. Both methods worked fine.

I have fitchii also but I did not have to root it, so I can't say how it roots, but I imagine it may also recover for you. I would try bagging that one too. Just make sure to keep an eye out for mold. I generally use Physan if I see that starting.

I've decided that subcalva likes to be warm, in bright but indirect light, and doesn't like to dry out. I had a little trouble with this one, until it got warmer in my room, I put it closest to the window, and I kept it moist. Now it is growing pretty steadily. Also, I feel like it is one of those that doesn't show much top growth until it has done a lot of root growth first. We'll see how it fares this winter. If it starts declining again, I'll know it is almost certainly the temperature. It can definitely dip below 70 in my room during winter, and I've read somewhere that it doesn't like to be in temps lower than 70.

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Thank you theplanthoarder (love the name, btw! makes me picture you holding your plants hostage and threatening to "water!" if everyone doesn't stand back :)) I heard that the square leaf Hoya has hard leaves when they are full and healthy, is this true of the one that Ted Green distributes? The photos I've seen don't look that way, but photos don't always tell a lot if they are taken at certain angles. Anyway, I'd love it if they did have hard succulent leaves like little Chicklets... I'll post photos of both my cuttings that I took yesterday after they had been in water a couple of hours. I just need to get my family situated this morning first...

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Thanks, quinnfyre! It's good to hear that you have experience with all 3 plants and that they have been generally positive. Can you tell me what your experience has been with the growth rate of the square leaf and the fitchii? Will they start to take off for me at some point (all of my hoyas have great growing conditions) or are they the type that just meander along? I'll spray both with alchohol today and set them both up in a humidity dome; I didn't want to stress them out too much yesterday...I figured they could use some fresh air and sun first, and perhaps I'll try a heat mat with the subcalva, though it's still on the kitchen counter in the ICU where it gets moist heat from the kitchen sink and dry heat from the stove/oven so it should be warm (the lowest we ever set our central AC to is 76 degrees)...it's right between the two and it gets bright light from to plant tubes above & filtered eastern sun from a window so hopefully I'll see something soon. Maybe it's still working on the roots, as you'd mentioned...

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

I haven't had fitchii long enough to know how it grows, but it is supposed to be a fast grower. So far, it has been filling out leaves for me. It has nice plump leaves, almost more like a succulent. Square leaf has only just come out of its terrarium/baggie (I reunited the cuttings yesterday) but they seem to shoot out a new vine, rather than slowly growing one. Both cuttings did the same thing once they were established. I did not get mine from Ted, but mine definitely got super rigid leaves once the cuttings successfully rooted.

I don't know that subcalva needs the heat mat, if it stays that warm. I'd only worry if it got closer to 70. My room has been about 78-82 most of the time, and it seems happy about that. I actually have two subcalvas, because I was almost positive I would lose the first one, but both are doing well. I'm waiting until next year before deciding whether or not I want to combine them; I'd still really like to see how they both deal with winter. My first one just kept dropping leaves and the vine kept dying off little by little, and I didn't know why. I'll be keeping my eye on that one.

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