blooms on my cutting!

hannnahSeptember 7, 2010

hi! This is my first ever post on here though I have been reading since earlier this summer when i got bit with the hoya bug! I have had a hoya kerii and carnosa in my succulent collection for years and loved them but had no idea that they were only the tip of the hoya ice burg! So far in the last few months i have acquired a H. polyneura, H. macrophylla, H. multiflora, H.clandestina, and H. pubicalyx by perusing ebay and plant sales at arboretums and botanical gardens. I am waiting on H. obscura, H. archboldiana (pink), H. wallichii (personal fave) and H. blashernaezii (LOVE) from srq hoyas who is going to ship them all out to me when the Philippines order comes in and from whom i have already acquired a yellow H.heuschkeliana, and H. cilata (r.i.p I'm afraid, over zealous watering!)

I also got three cuttings from Ted Green two months ago which brings me to the reason for my post. It was my first time rooting plants from cuttings (and i thank this forum for lots of insights on how to do it properly) and i was soooo glad that despite my very amateur set up and constant fussing they ALL ROOTED! i was literately dancing when i saw my first roots!! they are H.margaret, H. kaimuki (arch and mac hybrid) and H. archboldiana 4148, i am obviously a bit nuts for the archbold's (think i have more or less sated myself as far as they are concerned.)

Eagerly awaiting new growth on my rooted but still stick like cutting i realized that the bumpy looking shoot forming at the end of my ten inches of archboldiana was a green pendicule! (or umbel? not sure which is correct in this case) Now a few weeks later i have what would look to anyone else like a foot long stick in a container with six big beautiful buds flowing out of the top! time for a picture right? well I have tried to work our how to post them here to no avail so a mental picture for now and perhaps by the time they pop open i will have it down, in the meantime, is this as cool as i think it is? and how do you explain to your fiance what on earth is going on with you and these plants?

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I, for one, can't WAIT to see this crazy bloomin' stick!


Here is a link that might be useful: Posting Pictures

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dalette it....

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You are so lucky if your Hoya archboldiana cutting is going to bloom, that is one species that usually needs to be quite big before it blooms.
Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of Hoyas. :)


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I'm also looking forward to pictures. Congrats...Wow to get Archboldiana to have buds from a cutting(aka stick) is a great feat! Can't wait to see it and Welcome!

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Han... Dont be discouraged if archie aborts its buds. It will likely rebud. It's one that doesn't bloom easily, so it's a real bonus to get buds on a rooted cutting. Mine bloomed one umble last year and it is so awsome! I hope it follows through for you!

Denise in Omaha

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Denise, I am afraid you are a fortune teller! slowly over the last couple of days some of the individual little buds have started to yellow, and get left behind in the size department. there are still two strong looking green ones on there. Can I help them to survive better by watering more or less I wonder?
The healthier looking ones are now the size of a big blueberry, hopefully they will make it till they open!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I won't begin to even try and give you advise on the fear that it will be the wrong one...but I will keep my fingers crossed for you though! Plants are pretty amazing at knowing what to do naturally and probably knows it can't handle that many buds since its newly rooted...but maybe the two left will surprise you and open...size of a big blueberry is sure a very good sign. Best of luck! Please keep us posted!

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just a follow up for anyone who may be out there, all the buds but ONE dropped but the remaining bud opened yesterday and it is beautiful! already there are more tiny little balls forming underneath it too, maybe it will do another round? anyway wanted to pass that on and I apologize again for the lack of pics, (took some just need to post 'em) will have to get someone to help me with that, happy hoyas!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hey Hannah, Congrats on getting it to bloom, even one is much better than none. How exciting for you!

If you want to email me the can find my email on (my page) and I will post the picture on the forum for you if you'd like?

Again Congrats and Enjoy it! I bet is just beautiful!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hannah emailed me pictures of her Archboldiana and wanted me to post it here so we can all see it. These are Hannah's pictures. I just want to be the first to say Congratulations Hannah! Its beautiful!!

Hannah's Archiboldiana bud...

Hannah's Archiboldiana open bud...

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That is just great! Hopefully that peduncle keep blooming for you while the plant continues to grow. It's very nice, love the colour of the flower.


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Jan Sword

Great job!! congrats!!
I had a huge one that bloomed but it got too cold last winter so I had to cut up & start over.


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Fantastic, Hannah! Congratulations! It's awesome that you are obsessed with Hoya archboldiana and it has rewarded its disciple. ^_ !

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