What Other Houseplants Do You Grow?

moonwolf_gwSeptember 19, 2010

Hi everyone,

Besides hoyas, I have a few common houseplants: a snake plant, a crown of thorns that's not doing too well and a Maid of Orleans jasmine (love the fragrance!). However I grow two other kinds of epiphytes. Here are the pictures.

My Thanksgiving cactus. I got it last year at a local grocery store. The flowers are red with white centers. Some of you may have seen it before.

This next plant is another cherished addition to my collection: Epiphyllum oxypetalum. It really has grown this year since I got it from cuttings a few months ago (I think June, but I'm not too sure). I can't wait for the flowers!

I remember Mike D. also growing orchids and a few stapelias as well. Denise I can recall being a cacti and succulent collector. When it comes down to it, we all just are a bunch of plant nuts! Thank goodness for GW! As the saying goes: "Stop the insanity!!!" LOL

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I have 6 African Violets, and 17 plantlets; 2 prayer plants; a Moon Valley pilea; 2 peace lilies, 1 green and 1 domino; a Red Anne fittonia; 2 aloe vera; I'm not quite sure how many Bonnie spiders; 1 green spider; 1 reverse variegated spider; 1 Hawaiian spider; 3 variegated spiders; and 2 corn plants which were supposed to be green spiders but everyone is telling me they're corn plants. Plus my Hoya Chelsea, my pink/silver, my Carnosa Krimson Queen and tons of Lacunosa seedlings :) Plus I have my first African Violet Chimera arriving in the mail Monday or Tuesday. Next item on my want list is a yellow hoya. I have no idea which one. Just a bright yellow one because those are the ones that attract my attention on ebay, lol.

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Oh my gosh, where to start? Well, in addition to the 20 plus hoyas I've managed to accumulate over the summer, I've got: a three foot wide orange clivia planted with philodendrun scandens, an enormous four feet tall and wide NOID fern that I'd love to find a home for (anyone??), a Norfolk Island Pine, a corn plant planted with purple trandescantia zebrina, four different types of begonias including Art Hoides, richardsiana, and a beefsteak, four different types of sanseveria including Bantell's Sensation, parva, and Moonglow, an enormous pothos, a spider plant, two different rubber plants, three succulent pots planted with echevarias, kalanchoes, aloe, hawthorne, a Schwartzkopf, and others, a non-descript palm that I am contemplating palmicide for, a hearstopping, NOID epiphyllum that I think might be 'Conway's Giant', and a spath 'Domino'. And have I stopped looking? Well, not exactly...and if anyone has a day-blooming, fragrant ric rac epi or the elusive aff latifolia/polystacha 1410, or a cutting of the wider leaf mac, I'd love to trade...

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Most of my cacti are cacti in the technical sense, Brad... Rhipsalis, Hatiora, a few Epis. Just a few true cacti. Mostly, though, succulents - lots of Haworthias, Gasterias, some Aloes, Echeverias, Sanseverias, succulent bulbs, lots of Jades, Crown of Thorn type Euphorbias, Monedeniums.

Plants are like potato chips - you can't just have one!

Denise in Omaha

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

I have a few cactus, over 20 varieties of african violets (many are the miniture) 2 large hibiscus trees, 1 goldfish plant, 1 palm, a Anthurium (flamingo flower), and a white flag

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I have been trying to lower the number of houseplants that I have but everytime I get rid of one then I get four. I cannot list all my plants from memory at work. Can't stop me from trying though lol. I have almost all the EA Hoyas except Regalis, Shampry, Australis, and Picta(From their website). http://www.exoticangel.com/Varieties/ Also I have 4 varieties of Epis, 15 COT hybrids and species, a big Rubber Tree, a few types of pothos, a couple Adeniums, lots of Euphorbias, a big dracaena, a few Pachypodiums(P.gigas, P.lamerii, and P.baronii), a few Dorstenia, 2 orchids, 1 peace lily, 3 different Kalanchoes, Bilbergia Nutans aka Queen Tears, 1 Xmas Cactus, some Jades, and 2 Alluaudia.

In addition I also overwinter some of my marginal plants indoors. Such as 2 types of Passiflora; Windmill Palm seedlings; 5 types of Banana; 1 Brugmansia(I let all my others go dormant); 1 BOP(not really marginal but I use it in my Summer landscape); Several Crinum varieties(basically my insurance policy if I loss my others that are outdoors all year); 3 Agave varieties; a few Aloe Saponaris; and 1 Australian Tree Fern.

I am sure I missed some but as you see plants are highly addictive considering I may of had 4 plants total in 2005.

-David Kincade

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I have been working on bringing the plants in and organizing everything for the fall/winter. I have come to the conclusion that I have far too many plants. I am also the proud owner of another industrial chromed wire rack, at least everything will look neat and tidy, well as tidy as a rack full of plants can look.

So far I have about 125 to 130 Hoyas, 5 or 6 Ceropegia sp, 6 Rhipsalis sp, 2 other epiphytic cacti, a bunch of succulent Stapeliads, at least 60 orchids, a staghorn fern plus a couple other mostly epiphytic ferns, a small collection of African and Asian bulbs like Eucomis, Boophane and Arisaema, a couple Aristolochia sp, a small collection of hardy cacti including Opuntia sp, a new small collection of Gesneriads including some micro mini sp, a Clivia, a large red ginger, a big Impatiens sodenii, several Pelargonium sp, several Aloe and Gasteia sp, a big Sansaveria cylindrica, Zamia zamiifolia, several 4 foot tall Trichocereus cacti and a few aquariums with live plants like Rotala, Cryptocoryne, Anubias, Java fern, Bolbitis, Vals, Amazon frogbit, duckweed and various aquatic mosses and Utricularia. I also have some pots I can leave out all winter that I grow native Sedges, Asters and Impatiens in and a few pots that I grow hummingbird plants in such as Ipomopsis rubra and Salvia sp.

Yeah I have way too many plants. :( LOL
Anyone want to come help repot? I think I am going to be dividing some stuff and giving other stuff away, otherwise my new Hoya cuttings will have no place to go. I think I need an OFF button.


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Do the greenhouses count? I dislike keeping plants in the house and do it only when necessary. I know that sounds odd for a plant lover but most are outside during the summer and moved into the greenhouses over the winter. I grow mainly passifloras, strophanthus, asclepiads, jasmines, gardenias, uncommon impatiens, epiphyllums, medinillas, orchids and fewer amounts of other tropical/sub-tropical varieties. I also grow a number of brugs and plumerias but they are kept dormant over the winter.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Uh... lots : ) Let's see, I think I last counted about 65 African violets, maybe about 25 or so orchids, primarily species orchids (which, is, btw, not counting each of my Aerangis modesta seedlings, ha), and I'm up to about 40 hoyas now. In addition to these, I have three huge pothos, two varieties of scindapsus pictus, peperomias, spider plants, ZZ plants, some dracaena, aloe, a jade plant, philodendrons, geraniums, snake plants, various mystery huernias and relatives, ceropegia woodii, two Thanksgiving cactus, and probably a few more things I'm forgetting, but you get the picture. I've pretty much cut myself off now. This is what I can comfortably (for the most part) handle without it being too time consuming. Repotting is a little much sometimes, as violets tend to need it every 6-12 months, and some orchids do too, but I try to break it up a little so I don't go mad.

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Karyn do you grow any of the epiphytic Impatiens species? I tried a few but lost them when they dried out while I was on vacation. Paul Shirley offers many very tempting species, I would love to see his nursery one day.

Quinn I am a total procrastinator when it comes to repotting, I just hate doing it for some reason. I meant to switch my plants to a mix that does not break down as fast as the moss I use for many of my orchids but it has not happened yet. At least Hoyas seem to be happy in the same mix for quite some time.


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I've never tried any of the epiphytic impatiens and rarely see any offered. Are they difficult? I occasionally go to Aalsmeer with DH when he goes to the auction. I'll have to keep Paul Shirley's nursery in mind the next time I'm there.

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Jan Sword

Wow! you all got some nice plants. Mine are no longer house plants but I have some addeniums, orchids, few epiphyllums, bunch of hoyas. All the plants are outside but I do bring them in when temps go below 40. My var pothos are growing outside climbing on the cabbage palms, the leaves are good foot and a half and it looks like something from the Jerrasic park. The pothos had frost damages last winter but now it looks like nothing happend. ; )
I'll take a photo of pothos later.

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Karyn I did find it hard to get a good root system established in a bark based mix. Next time I am going to try my Hoya mix which is coconut husk chips/soil/perlite/diatomite.
There is a great book on Impatiens out now as well with many species included and the more popular hybrids. Hit view all and you can scroll down through the book to get an idea of it's content.

Jan I would love to see a photo of your plant, sounds quite impressive.


Here is a link that might be useful: Impatiens book

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Jan Sword

Mike, plumeria leaves on the left for comparison.

Close up.

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I used to have quite a large collection of assorted houseplants when I first got my gh. After about 3 years of growing them I turned my focus towards just growing hoyas. So at that point I called a friend over who is also into plants and told them take them all!!! Once the gh was emptied of the mixed bag of stuff that I had,I began my hoya collecting. I do have a rather large cactus collection as well but they are planted outside in the ground and don't require any attention on my behalf. I also have a medium sized (25-30) collection of schlumbergeras. All were named varieties but the tags have faded on almost everyone of them now and I have no idea who's who anymore!!!

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Jan your yard looks so lush and beautiful. I think if I could grow tropicals in the ground I would have a collection of vining Philodendrons and a Monstera delicosa. I do love the Aroids but don't have the space for many other than my Arisaema and Amorphophallus because they are dormany for part of the year.


Here is a link that might be useful: Aroid society

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Love you pothos/var.monstera!

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Jan, good growing! It makes me think of what I could accomplish if I had a greenhouse!

I wanted to add to my list above. I also have a passion flower (P. pfordtii to be exact). It smells wonderful when it flowers!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Haha a repotting party actually sounds like fun to me! I'm on the opposite end of things - I LOVE repotting plants. I love mixing the medium, getting my hands dirty, doing heavy pruning, even sterilizing pots. It makes me feel so in touch with the plants, like I'm really giving them some one on one time. I chatter non-stop while I'm doing it.

As for houseplants, I have about as many gesneriads as I do hoyas, so around 100 of each. These poor things have been much neglected since my hoya obsession started, but I am particularly fond of chirita, petrocosmea, and episcia. I have specimens of aeschynanthus, codonantha, columnea, nematanthus, alsobia, kohleria. Of course I also have standard violets, miniature violets and trailing violets (my favorite since I don't have to groom them as much). I have 10 or 12 streptocarpus and 4 or 5 begonias. I have some charming miniature house plants and some less exciting but very loyal standard house plants that have been with me since before I became a hobbyist. I have a small assortment of cacti and succulents. I have three "rescued" orchids (although I'm such an orchid nincompoop that I don't know that it was much of a rescue). I have a dwarf Meyer lemon tree. And of course "Easter" and "Christmas" cacti from my grandmother.

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all of them....

The ignoring-them-to-work die back has been a boon. I have lousy windows and a great climate so I grow every thing outside. I had a Sansiveira phase, still in a partial Cactus & Succulents phase, still in the Epi/Rhypsalis phase... The orchid phase started when we moved over here to perfect Cymbidium weather. Plus when I moved here, I got an in ground garden, so that's a whole different phase.

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