What is Hanging from My Hummingbird?

serenitymeadowJuly 13, 2007

About a week or so ago I noticed something white hanging from the left side down by the feet of a hummingbird. I assumed it was a feather or spider web. A few minutes ago I saw this hummingbird from about 3 feet away and it looks as though whatever is hanging from her has grown, almost looks like a cocoon or something. I am very, very worried that it's just a matter of time before this thing becomes heavier making it difficult for her to fly. What could it be and how can I help her?

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I am seeing the same thing on several hummingbirds at the feeders... I have tried to research this, but have come up with nothing...

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I was searching for info about the same thing and had no luck either. Last couple of days I have seen something dangling down by the feet as well - I have no idea what it is!

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Most often it is spider web that hummers use to keep their nest together. I have never seen this until this year. Earlier, I had a bird with what looked like a white nylon string hanging down about an inch and looping back up to her left foot. I saw this for about 5 days and either she or the string disappeared. Several weeks later I had a bird with what appeared to be something simular.

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