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Mari11(z5a Toronto)September 23, 2013

My friend gave me cuttings of her new hoya she never saw blooming. I was growing them for almost a year, hoping and dreaming, while waiting for her hoya to show us its beautiful flowers. But the day flowers opened, her son-in-law came from work, didn't like smell and threw out it. We didn't have any chance to see its bloom.
I'd like to ask hoya experts: if it's possible to ID it on my pictures, please advice: is this variety worth my efforts, or it's better to put it into trash right now? It's difficult to do, I love how happily they grow, but if eventually I will have yucky smelling bloom, I'd rather use that space for something else.
Thank you!

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Mari11(z5a Toronto)

Some more pictures

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Hi Mari,

Welcome to the Hoya forum! It was heartbreaking to hear that your friends plant would get thrown out! It is hard work raising a plant and waiting for it to bloom. Some people love them, a few people hate. Some can't smell anything, some are overwhelmed! I think a certain plant can smell different at other blooming times.

I would say certainly you should keep the plant. When it blooms for you, if YOU don't like the smell them place it outside while blooming or in another room! Im certainly not an expert but I think you plant is the Hoya Carnosa. It is very lovely. And it looks like you have several pots there! Please wait for someone else to confirm identity! Most Carnosas have a very nice sweet smell. Sometimes described as "chocolate".

Thanks for sharing your beautiful plant. It looks very healthy!


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I agree with Teisa. I think it's Hoya carnosa. And most people find it's scent pleasant, but I remember my step-grandmother's husband hated the smell, so I suppose a scent's niceness or not-so-niceness is in the eye of the beholder. But with Hoyas, I think the beauty of the flowers is worth putting up with less-than-pleasant smelling flowers. You won't regret keeping your Hoya, trust me!

Denise in Omaha

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Mari11(z5a Toronto)

Thank you, Teisa and Denise! Yes, the best way to make sure is to see myself... So I have to wait for the bloom.
I always root a few cuttings for exchange or to give to someone. But I can't give this one until I know what it is and how it really smells!

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Haha. You totally have to wait for the smell!! Some people hate it for sure, including some Hoya growers, but it's not like it's the smell of rotting garbage!! It's just very... peculiar. To me it smells like someone dumped a bottle of perfume in a mug of Swiss Miss cocoa. It's fun!

Anyway, it's worth seeing through just so you can be one of the select few who know how chocolate may or may not always be a good smell. Meanwhile, get a DS-70 so you can smell PURE BAKERY HEAVEN all the time. :) Mmm whenever I go to bed it's like someone snuck some caramel crème brulée onto my windowsill.

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