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grmadarr(8a)September 2, 2010

Well; I have taken pictures of my hoyas to show you but I'll be darn if I can find even a place to upload them on the post.

Can someone please help me get started here. It does,t seem like the new people that try to post and learn from this forum get much response from their posts! If someone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Darr

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I use PictureTrail for my photos - they make it real easy with their codes to "click" and then "paste". You just open an account with them, upload your photos to the site, then when you're ready to use one in a post here, go to the "Image URLs" tab and click the top URL and "paste" it here in your text. I have a paid subscription over at PictureTrail because I have so many photos uploaded, but if you stay under a certain number/total MB size, it's free (or at least it used to be!)

Denise in Omaha

Here is a link that might be useful: PictureTrail

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I like Flickr because there are some fantastic Flickr groups where you can add your photos and browse others related photos and there are some very talented photographers on the site. Flickr has it's own editing software as well and uploading, sharing or posting photos is easy.


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O.K. guys I will give your advise a try and see what happens. I sure do appreciate all the help you have given me
Thank you Darr

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