How are numbers this year?

mbrowne(9b Central CA)July 27, 2013

At the start of the season, it sounded like people weren't seeing the same numbers as in previous years. Just wondering how it's looking at this pont. My Central California yard seems to have the same numbers.

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I have a good number of hummers. This is my second year gardening and they arrived at the same time they did last year in western PA. They arrived around mid may.

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shillanorth Z4 AB

Here in SW Alberta I haven`t seen any. Last year I had 3 at my feeders until mid August.

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i live in north west ontario and my numbers are way up this year about 25 coming to my feeders right now

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I had three last year that I was able to hand train (peanut butter lid filled with sugar water in my palm... No hummers this year. Very disappointing, and I've added many other tubular flowers to my gardens.

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gyr_falcon(Sunset 23 USDA 9)

I think many of the missing hummer posts may be directed towards the ruby-throated's range. In my area of Southern California, Annas and Allens stick around all year. But their visits and numbers can change some with nesting and when certain favorite nectar plants nearby go into full bloom.

I wonder sometimes if those that wait for the rubys every summer feel much the same as I do about the winter arrival of white-crowned sparrows. And the sorrow when the sparrows move on in late spring. Their cheery song is very missed all summer.

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I only had a visitor a two times this spring. I am finally getting some coming around. The Rubythroats have had a very strange migration or something this year. Many people with none and many with more than usual. I always thought they came back to the same nesting area. I had at least one family last year. I also had many males. This year just females and I suspect may be the Momma from last year bringing her babies around. I am glad I finally got some after the fortune I spent on flowers to attract them this year. Even though I had all these annuals, it seemed they really started coming around when my Lobelia started to bloom as it is just huge this year. Now that they are here, I see them a lot on the lady in Red and Black and Blue Salvias.

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I'm in the Tehachapi mountains of So. Cal. at about 4200 ft. Neighbors fill 6+ feeders at least twice daily. I have 4 quart feeders and fill twice daily. I'm getting about 10 birds per feeder at a time..and usually around thirty total. Have buddeleia, red yucca, a desert willow cross blooming tree, and a lot of hanging baskets.

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terrene(5b MA)

Pretty good this year. I've got at least 3 hummers constantly tussling with each other over the plants and feeder. Could be more. 3 is the most I've ever seen at one time in a single year. :)

I have many hummingbird plants, and they are blooming away. I don't usually put up a feeder, but will do so if the summer is droughty enough for the town to impose a water restriction and for the nectar to dry up in the plants. In that case I can't keep up with all the watering necessary in every garden.

So back in July it was quite hot and dry, and the town declared a watering restriction, so I put up a feeder (only the 2nd year to do so in 9 years). Since then we've gotten lotsa rain, and the plants have rebounded. Cardinal flower, tall Zinnias, and Salvias are starting to come on strong.

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My numbers are the highest I've ever had. I think it is partly due to the very rainy summer we have had so plants are blooming like crazy. I also added a shade garden with lots of salvia, agastache, bee balm, etc. and hung feeders from the trees in the garden. The hummers seem to like this much better..they can sit in the trees and guard their favorite plants and feeder :)

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It was a normal year for me until a few days ago - that's when most of my adult males left. I've seen only 1 in 3 days. That's unusually early, but I don't know what to make of it. This video was taken last Sep 16th, with plenty of...

Here is a link that might be useful: adult males still around.

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