Bee balm (monarda) in pots

lanternboy(Z8 WA)July 21, 2007


I have about 12 Bee balm plants in pots that I grow for the hummers and I was wondering if there is a way to get them not to be so leggy? They grow tall with only a few leaves and a flower on top. Should I pinch them when they're young like I do to my mums or should I just plant them out in the garden? Are they really not a pot plant? They are atleast two years old. There is probably not much I can do now but I was thinking about next year. I saw the hummers on them last evening. They make the're rounds thru the garden but they still stop for a sip @ the hanging feeders I have. I better fill them with some new food since they still stop by.

Gotta go...Let me know if you have any ideas!

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I dont know much about bee balm, but I pinched the terminals on my lady in red plants till about june and they got really huge. I just dont know what Im looking in bee balm but I will try and find some next year. I had some poor luck with agastache shades of red , killed them all.

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i planted about 30+ bee balms last year(just 3 different varieties), they were all very leggy their first year and flopped over very easily

not leggy this year, they filled in faster than i thought

keep them moist and they will fill in very well. the areas that dont get enough water, have a lack of lower leaves

i would plant them out in the garden

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dakster(z6 Cent.CT)

Mine are in pots are are doing splendid..but yes I agree..very leggy. Although I am noticing as the summer wanes on there seem to be more sprouts at the base and the "legs" not have "arms" for lack of a better term. Mine will stay in pots until I have the HB garden set up and then I will transfer them..although they have some weird white fuzz on the leaves..not all of them just some..could that be mold?

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