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Turner52November 12, 2012


I have been lurking here for a while but am a new member. I have a shoulder injury that makes it difficult to work with any of the normal tomatoe processors. I purchased the Kitchen Aid attachement and used it this weekend to do 30 quarts of juice. I used tomatoes that I froze this summer. It was a DISASTER. The juice would sometimes build up and there would be an eruption when pushing down the plunger to feed the spiral. What was I doing wrong? Was it the fact that the texture was different due to freezing? It was so bad there was juice dripping from the 9 foot high ceiling.I am sure it would have been really hilarious if it was someone else. I have about the same amount yet to do. Are there any sugestions? I have read that this attachement works well. I am assuming it will work well next year with fresh tomatoes. Thanks in advance for your advice

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I can't help you with the KA use specifically as I don't know of anyone who uses one.

But as general tips to processing tomatoes regardless of the equipment used problems are usually caused by the method, not the food itself. They must be fully thawed - to the mushy stage with no ice chunks left in them.

That is just as with fresh tomatoes which need to be cooked to soft and squishy state first for the easiest processing.

Even the motorized Victorio works best (least mess) with well softened fruit. Poke holes in the skins if they haven't popped or they will explode under pressure and hit the ceiling. And feed slowly. Trying to force feed and smash with the plunger only results in eruptions.

Hope this helps.


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I recently acquired this attachment, and I used it to process a fair amount of tomatoes. Mine were fresh and raw and the machine handled them fine. I noticed that if I applied too much pressure with the plunger it did want to squirt upwards out of the chute. I managed to only splatter the nearby cabinet a little, not the ceiling. I did chop them up into large pieces. Were yours whole? Try cutting them up next time if so, and go a little slower with less pressure on the plunger.

I have a lot of tomatoes in the freezer I'll be processing this winter, I'm waiting for colder weather. I'll see if frozen tomatoes make a difference.

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Thanks for the replies. gin gin please let me know how it goes for you with the frozen ones.

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