I didn't give up !!!

patsi(z7-S.Jersey)July 9, 2008

Who said after the 4th?


Here she is is all day and the male also.

I couldn't see them well resting in the trees

soooo I built a few perches.

She'll sit for a half hour,feed,sit again,fly around

and check out the flowers,sit on the perch again.

Gone for 20 minutes while checking out the front

or neighbors yard. Repeats this all day.

Summer Birds

Thanks Donna,

I had faith in you.


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Oh Patsi...the pics are fantastic!!! My hummer population has really kicked up...I mean, almost like clockwork..BAM! the 4th came and so did the hummers, and let me add, with NO help from me!!! I am hoping they increase every few days...

Again...I just loved your photos, especially the baby robins...thank you for sharing!


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Prior to the 4th I had people ask me where are the hummers?
So I referred to what you learned....
Guess what? Now they have hummers !!
Now I seem like a genius. LOL

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.
I always enjoyed photography so I take pics of just about everything.
When your bored check out "Garden Endeavors" from the Summer Birds link.
You might find it entertaining.


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Still here !!!

This pic is from inside the house

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