heavy feeding

lynxville(mw)July 23, 2007

I haven't had a lot of hummers until recently. This is at my summer home and this is my problem. I spend three nights and four days there each week. Well last week they drained 9 feeders, these are 8 oz. saucer feeders. So we filled them and they are now eating about 8 oz. per day. Why did they drink so much in four days and then slow down? I have babies and I saw 10 at one feeder this weekend. Which brings up another question the babies were always feeding on the west feeder and then they moved to the North feeder? Same food and feeder.

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I was trying to figure same thing out,no birds for awhile and now they are back at my feeders they're not so much eating from my thistle feeder as the black oil one. I filled it again last nite and I know in the morning I will have to refill it. Starved birds I guess.

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I am in NH and I have 2 HummZinger Excel feeders that hold 16oz each. That may be a better bet. And they are simple to clean!

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I am gonna post my own foll-up, I believe these were baby hummers and the adults drive them off. Now the feeding is back to normal.

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