October Bloomers!

cena60October 3, 2010

Sorry, I broke my camera over a year ago. I had been using my husbands POC camera, but recently staged a revolt and forced a replacement purchase! (And what a sweet camera she is, Nikkon Cool Pix!!!)

So, I've a coupla things in bud but the back yard is overloaded with Austrailus scent!!!

Okay, this photo worries me. I see Crassula lycopoidiodes in the frame and I don't have that plant Any Where Near there... (and y'all know this will root in your curtains, your dogs fur, a sock you left on the floor for three days...)


Well, hope you are loving the photos!

H. pubicalyx 'Royal Hawaiian Purple' or whatever it's called. I bought it a Wal Mart 15 years ago...

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Fantastic, Cena! Your new camera is a good one, obviously. I see that australis in CA if ahead of australis in Nebraska. Mine is budding, but a long way from blooming. Can you leave yours out year round, or do they have to come in for a period? They're predicting a light frost tonight... so all mine are in for the duration!

Denise in Omaha

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Jan Sword

Cena, wow! look at all those flowers! Your camera is fantastic. I need to go look at my australis to see if it's budding.


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wow that is gorgeous. I just received an australis and now I cant wait for it to grow up.

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Absolutely beautiful! I just ordered an australis on Ebay a couple weeks ago. Hope mine grows up to look as nice as yours.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Beautiful Cena...love Australis blooms! Great camera, I have one too :o)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hiya Cena,

I have several cuttings off this magnificent Australis of yours, perhaps if I showed them the Mother plant, they can see how it's done.

These blooms look particularly like porcelain to me, so VERY elegant.

Just lovely, thanks for the Show & yeah, aren't new cameras FABULOUS?!

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You guys likely remember when DS and I hacked this one out of the tree? Beat up the pot to transplant, etc. I used three bamboo poles to train all the remaining vines and it has topped those and is headed back into the tree!

Denise, because of the size of the beast, and the fact I'm in a temperate climate, it stays out all year. I AM thinking of moving it to the front porch because my large philo out there gets burnt every October when the sun changes angles. The hoya would do fine with the extra light...

Hey, anybody else with blooms, feel free to show them off!

I will try to get more pix today, but I started a jewelry storefront on the web and am doing production shots to get sales up and running. It is taking longer than I imagined. ~sigh~

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Cena, I really like the australis pics!!!

I've still got a few things in bloom here and there!!! For the most part they have slowed down quite a bit and I have already moved them all back in to the gh which is rather early for me to be doing so. I normally don't move them back in until at least the end of this month but something told me to go ahead and get it done!!!

This is sp.Sulawesi IML 1384

hoya buotii is still blooming

this is H. cv. Optimistic which is my first ever eriostemma to bloom. It opened it's first set of flowers several months back and has continued to bloom up until today!!! I think the different color variations on the same peduncle are really cool!!!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Awesome David...I love them all. But, I have to say that
cv. optimistic is absolutely gorgeous!

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Pug those flowers not only look like plastic but they feel like it as well!!! I didn't think to smell them to see if they have any fragrance or not. In order to get this picture I was standing on the top rung of a 4ft ladder that I use in the gh and one foot had sunk into the ground and I was trying to balance myself,take the picture and do it all without breaking anything,most importantly my neck!!!

I just wish I could get the rest of my eriostemmas to bloom now!!! I have peduncles on at lest 2 others but no sign of any buds yet. I swear some of these hoyas are just way too stingy with the buds. My hoya graveolens has had peduncles on it for 2 years now and to this day has not even thought about forming a flower bud!!! It's a very pretty plant as is but some flowers would be nice!!!


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

OMG David...Please be careful when you're taking photos! I look forward to seeing all your pictures and would hate to not see them because you fell off the ladder taking pics,lol...Don't stop taking them, just be extra careful :o)

You know it is interesting why peduncles form and buds don't appear. Sure wish I knew what that is all about? I have a couple with a peduncle right now with NO buds in sight although mine hasn't been there as long as some of yours. Good luck and hope it buds up real soon.

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Awesome blooms, David...you surely know how to grow the hoyas....way to go!! Fondly, Patrick

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Jan Sword

I didn't see buds on my australis. ; (
David, yes please be careful. We don't want you falling off the ladder. What's the secret with that Buotii? mine are just there.
Love that CV optimistic.
H ban ngong nuy still blooimg, obscura, cummingiana, larger cummingiana. Nummulariads, red button are budding.

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Great blooms, everyone!

Not one of my plants are showing signs of blooming. They're growing though! A few vines here and there, but no signs of blooming. Maybe they'll get into gear come spring.

Cena, what's australis smell like? When my mindorensis bloomed, it reminded me of a faint hyacinth scent, and I could only smell it in the evening.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Brad, I have bad sense of smell, having been an early smoker years ago... It's like being in the mall, and following a Matron with a strong scent... that is not identifiable as a specific scent. It is light but pungent, and very pleasing. Not like gym socks like other asclepiad 'family' members.

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What an interesting description, Cena!

I've read that australis has a honeysuckle like/perfumed scent and that's one of the reasons I got this plant. Althogh, if my plant blooms, I'm going to have to keep it away from mom as her nose is sensitive to powerful scents.
I forgot to mention I loved the bronzed look of the australis leaves as well!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Okay, I am on the fly. I need to clean out my camera cause I'm going on VaKay tomorrow. My brain escapes me and I can't tell you what this is... so I'm gonna share the photos and get back to you 'later' for a name...

This is a straight carnosa, and I'm very disappointed that the pale pink, ethereal color does not translate in photos...

This plant has really taken off over the last three years and is ground planted.

This is an NoID that has ripply leaves, and I'm just going to lump it into Krinkle 8, cause, well... it is!

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

It looks like wayetti to me. That was my second bloomer, and it kept blooming for months! I'd love it more if it weren't so messy... it drips nectar all over the place. And it insists on growing through my mesh curtain, into my window frame, and every which way. But I can't be mad at it, it's such a rewarding plant.

Your carnosas are lovely. It will be a long time before any of mine bloom, but they are such nice plants, I don't even mind.

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geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)

Hello all, back from working some long hours during Sep. I have what I received as H. glabra blooming, however the flower doesn't look like it. The leaves look like the plant (huge) but let me know what you think. Maybe the lateness of the year?


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My lobbii is budding for the first time. Anyone who grows this probably knows what a super-sprawling plant it is!! I took a photo as best I could but couldn't get the whole thing in the photo. I think I'll cut it back after it blooms...

Here are the buds...

I'll try to post a photo when they open.

Denise in Omaha

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Very NICE Dee and Denise!! Wow Denise, that Lobbii is a wild grower isn't it,lol...sprawling is a good way to describe its growth habit.

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Beautiful flowers everyone, not much blooming here but there is at least one new bloomer working on buds.

Dee I think your Hoya glabra may actually be a Hoya pentaphlebia, not positive though. The photos of Hoya glabra I have seen have shown a pink carona. What are the leaves on your plant like?

Denise your Hoya lobbii is huge. I am pretty sure I added that species to my DL order, now I am wondering how I will contain it. LOL


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Jan Sword

Great photos everyone.
Mike, I have lobbii in up right position with a few stakes.


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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Cena, your australis is stunning! Mine grows really well, but no signs of peduncles.

Denise, so glad to see your lobbii budding! I have two with peduncles - one has had a peduncle for well over a year and NOTHING! Do you know what color you have?

Bright One, bella, lacunosa and multiflora are budding/blooming at my house. Haven't noticed any others doing anything at the moment.


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I got a cutting of the orange flower one in Apr. 09, then bought a dark pink flower one the same month from CBFM. I put them together, so I'm not sure which one is budding up. Guess I'll be surprised when it opens!

Denise in Omaha

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janisoga(Atl, GA)

Was anyone able to identify that top picture w/ the dark pink flowers? I would love to know and be able to get one. NEXT question - anyone have similar ones for sale? preferably fairly mature - or can tell me where I could find some? Thank you.

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I had no idea lobbii grew so crazily. (Thanks for the eloquent picture, Denise!) I guess that was an oversight! Mine is just a cutting right now, so it looks like an innocent leafy stick ... like the other cuttings, which will all probably turn out to be trouble!


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