It's November! Eek!

jxbrown(z10/24 SD, CA)November 4, 2012

Two food storage questions and one miscellaneous. I'm moving and the canning equipment is packed. I won't be able to unpack until after T'giving. I'd like to make some mincemeat for Christmas and it needs some time to mellow. Can I refrigerate pear mincemeat for 6 weeks without canning it? Also, I would like to candy some fruit for stollen. How best to store the fruit or should I wait until closer to the holiday? As a Californian, I always have trouble with recipes that call for "oranges". What kind of orange makes the best candied peel? I've got access to all of them!

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kriswrite(zone 8)

I can't answer your mincemeat question, but as for the candied orange peel, any orange will do as long as it doesn't have a very thin skin. There are nuances to the flavors, but it's all a matter of personal taste. You can also candy lemon and grapefruit peel, btw.

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