Hummingbird Perch

luvtoogardenJuly 2, 2010

I noticed early on my hummingbirds would perch on the tomato cages in my tomato garden. I have abandoned that garden because of the 7 tomato plants we have harvested not one tomato...the mockingbirds have enjoyed them even through the netting. Anyway, since I noticed the hummingbirds stopping on the cages (before I put up the netting) I placed them throughout my hummingbird gardens. The hummers love them! They seem to be visiting often and when I let my dogs out I seem to always interrupt them feeding or perching. It's so neat to watch them taking a break! Hope this tip helps!:)


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Here's a photo of a hummer perching on something similar to a tomato cage - welded wire fencing. It looks like it's just the right size for hummer feet...

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