Do you hang your feeder in the sun or shade?

hawkeye_wx(z5 east-central IA)July 1, 2009

I'm curious how many hummer enthusiasts hang their feeder(s) in the sun. I've been hanging my feeder under a tree, which keeps the nectar from spoiling quickly, but the downside is hummers cannot see it when flying over the yard. I have tried to make up for this by putting a red bucket and a couple red ribbons in the open parts of the yard, in the hope that if they come to the yard to explore them they will see the feeder, but I can't help but wonder if I might get an extra hummer or two if the feeder was hanging out in the sunshine. Any thoughts?

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Guess since I've been feeding the hummers for many years, that counts as an enthusiast! Hanging feeders in the shade is certainly preferable, but not always possible. I have 4 in the shade hanging from the eaves of my breezeway, 2 in the sun and 4 or 5 that get partial shade and sun. I don't have many places close to the house to provide total shade for every feeder, and like most all hummer enthusiasts, I want to have the hummers in view all day. It's OK to hang them in the sun, but you must be vigilant about changing the nectar and cleaning the feeders. Our temps are blistering here in the deep south, so I make sure the nectar is fresh each day.

Currently, I have maybe 5 or 6 regular visitors, so I don't fill the feeders full. But as we approach peak season, which usually begins around the end of July, I will literally have hundreds at one time!! Those little cuties keep me so busy each day, but it's certainly worth it. Hope this helps.


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lov2garden(VA 7b)

I hang mine from a clear double suction cup hanger on windows that I look out most often. The overhang of the house and porch provide shade and I get a great closeup view.

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I have feeders in full sun and in shade. I see no difference in thier usage.

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I have a feeder in sunlight and two others in shade. The hummers prefer the one in sunlight. I think just because it can be seen easier from a distance.
To me the only feeder location issue is how close can you place your feeders to where you like to sit and watch them. The closer the better, and three feet away is perfect.

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Sun or Shade doesnt seem to make much of a difference. Seclusion seems to make a difference though and type of feeder. But once migration is in full swing in august all feeders get hit pretty hard. But it is still the feeders on my back porch they seem to congregate at most, now and during migration. I have added a cardinal climber support wall also in my backyard and wonder if that will attract even more in that area come august. Im hoping it will and if it proves to be what I expect I will post pics and vids.

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I have two feeders in the sun and one in the shade. My birds are not interested in the one in the shade. At the beginning of the summer, when I only have 2 to 6 birds, I simply don't fill the feeders very full, and then change the water regularly. Now that July has hit, I have more birds than I can feed. There is no time for the water to go bad because they drink it so quickly.

Hope this helps.

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I live in Vancouver,WA and I am new to hummers etc. I placed my feeder on the hook up on the patio and I have nothing but shade . I have YET to see a hummer visit that feeder.. feeling really blue as I was so looking forward to the hummingbirds..I have no red/yellow flowers on my patio as it is small (we live in an apartment) Any idea what I have done wrong or is it not the right time to be putting out the feeder?

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It might take a while for a hummer to find your feeder. Two things to keep in mind that might help. Make your mix
1:3 sugar to water and after you get hummers you can raise it to 1-4. Also keep that mix fresh change it every 3 days at least.

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This year they seem to prefer one of the feeders that are in the sun. Last year they seemed to prefer one that was in the shade.

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I have no shade in my Southern CA yard. So, I made my own 'humbrella.' I'm sharing the instructions free for anyone else what would like to make one. It's really easy even if you aren't a DIY-type person. I found that the commercial ones were just too expensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Humbrella DIY

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My feeder is in sun,but the nectar stays fresh for at least a week. The hummingbirds love it.

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My take is that if you leave a feeder in the sun for a week the nectar will not be fresh. If you are lucky the hummers may still use it, but I will not let a feeder go unchanged over 3 days whether the liquid is used up or not. The first sign is that the liquid wont be as clear as when you first changed it. The fresher the better but maybe thats just me.

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