Help! Rose of Sharon dying!

Eric580July 25, 2012

I pulled a rose of sharon seedling out of my grandfather's yard. It was small so I put it in a pot and planned to transplant it when it got bigger. I give it water reguarly and it is on a sunny porch. The leaves are starting to droop and it looks like it will wilt soon. Maybe I didn't pull enough of its root. Please help me. Thanks.

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get it out of the sun. it needs to regrow roots.

I pull them out instead of digging them out all the time, but I keep them in the shade for a while after putting them in containers. My neighbor's seeds up my yard every year. I give them out to coworkers and others. Gave away 30+ plants this year. Little do they know about all the little babies they will have to deal with in a few years.

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Update on my tiny rose of sharon! It has a new leaf and has sprung back to life!

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