Salvia Oxyphora

hummersteveJuly 26, 2012

I dont know how many of you grow this plant I just started last season and the hummers hardly touched it last season, but this season is a different ballgame as I see them on it daily which pleases me to no end.

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No one has commented so just maybe none of you are aware of what this plant looks like. As I mentioned above it was little used last season but much used this season.

Sorry that I dont have a good clear shot of hummer use but heres one

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Great pics, Steve, and that is a good lookin' plant!! I love the fuzzy flowers. Is it an annual for us?

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Yes at least it is an annual for me, but you just might be able to get it thru with protection.

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Take cuttings now, they root easily, keep them frost-free in winter, you will have strong, healthy plants in bud to plant out in late May.early June. The roots/stolons are hardy, but new growth will flower much later.

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