Volunteer FAQ Editor Needed

gwannouncementsOctober 5, 2010

We are looking for someone to help create an FAQ for this forum. While compiling information should be a group effort, one person would be charged with pulling it together into useful FAQs. This could mean a new document OR just pointing to helpful posts that are already on the forum. A good example of a helpful FAQ can be found here:Winter Sowing FAQ.

If you have a desire to make this forum even better, have good writing skills and work well with others, please reply to this thread or send us an email --Letters to Garden Web.

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Causing me to wonder, what happened to the MOST EXCELLENT FAQ's that we had before. It took four tries to post this message as I kept being redirected to the Kingdom door, rather than the MESSAGE BOARD this question was asked upon.

Spike, where art thou?

Does anyone have a copy of the MOST EXCELLENT FAQ's that we had before with all the leaf drawings????

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I'm happy to hear the creation of such a resource might be in the works. I'm a big back-reader/researcher and would be happy to help brainstorm and assemble sections, etc. Obviously someone more hoya-experty should head it up, tho. ^_~

That's my 2 cents. Just wanted people to know they wouldn't have to go it alone. I'm sure there are others who'd also feel comfortable in a grunt/contributor level role.

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