marricgardensMay 10, 2012

Sorry I don't have a picture. I was just out looking at my hostas and noticed that one is growing a leaf instead of sending up a nose as usual. The leaf is coming up in the middle of a clump of noses. It is a very nice shade of green but not like the parent, Regal Splendor. Is this a sport? If it is should I separate it from the parent plant to keep the rest from changing color to? Marg

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

some non-hosta words there.. but that wont stop me.. lol

it would be INSANE.. to dig up a RS.. to remove something from the middle ...

odds are.. it will not be there next year ... so it isnt worth it ...

if it disturbs you.. grab the leaf with one hand.. with the other.. trace the petiole down near the bottom.. and yank that sucker out of there ...

offhand.. i cant remember what RS came from [nigrescens???] .. but i would presume that you are not the first to find the all green .. so again.. its not something worth digging up a large clump ... to 'capture' the greenie ...

if it were me.. i would leave it.. enjoy the oddity .. point it out to friends.. discuss its weirdness.. and the fact that technically hosta are not stable... and leave it at that ...

and if it came back next year.. then i would think about doing something about it.. and probably again.. do nothing.. lol ..

now.. on the other hand.. if you simply want to massacre a large plant .. simply for the experiment.. GO FOR IT .. been there.. done that.. and it reverted to RS .. lol ...

and while you are at it.. throw a piece of it on the driveway.. and see how long it will live .. lol


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

It came from Krossa Regal. Phil

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