repotting an EA plant?

therealmrsdoodlepunk(5)October 22, 2009

I've read several posts about the EA plants having water retentive stuff in the soil, and the potting mix being hard to wash off the roots. I have been wondering if it's really good to leave the plant in this mix. They do look like they've been growing well and are healthy but is it best to leave them in it, or should I repot into my nice loose orchid bark/perlite/soil that the other plants seem to thrive in?

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Jan Sword

Winter is right around the corner, I would just leave it in until spring time if it was mine in zone 5. It's hard to transplant if it's thin plants like lacunosa or especially linearis.

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Thanks, Jan, that is what I thought. This was labeled as kentiana and a nice full plant, but no new growth like on everything else here. I'll just keep misting it with VF-11 and wait for spring.

BTW, the obovata from you has a bunch of new leaves! It's now my favorite hoya, so different from all my others. The round leaves are so cute, so big and thick. I have been using VF 11 as a foliar feed and think it's really a wonderful thing. In fact, the EA plant is the only one with no new leaves coming, but maybe I'm missing one somewhere.

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I have several EA plants that are in the original mix. I prefer to move them to my mix when I can, but some of those plants are so big and as it's been noted, the mix is so stuck to the roots, I just don't risk it most of the time. But what I DO do is take cuttings of all my EA plants, just in case they start to go south at some point. I still have my first EA Hoya, DS-70, in the original mix - I've had it 6 years.

Denise in Omaha

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In my opinion, it's best to leave EA plants in the original soil. I used to try to get as much of the soil off as possible and then repot into my own mix, but every single one of those hoyas died. Then I bought new ones and left them in the original mix, and not only have they all lived, but they thrived and most of them constantly bloom for me. I recommend removing the bottom saucer so that the soil gets more air and dries out faster.

Hope that helps,

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Thanks, Jan, Denise and Gabi! I have restrained myself and didn't repot. For one, I'm out of orchid bark for now. Then, took the thing down and really looked at it, there are a couple places where new leaves are starting! So I will leave it as it is.

I was at the store last night and saw that the plant that I thought was a DS-70 is now gone. Hope it went to a good home. I didn't really have ROOM for it anyway. I don't have space for everything I have now, once they all get a bit bigger. I have to get working on a plan for more hanging spots!

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Wow! My EA H. brevialata started rotting in that soil. I dumped the whole thing out and started over. In that six inch pot, there were over 15 rooted cuttings! Rather than have one pot with that many, I've potted up, two plants per three inch pot. So far, so good!!! Wish me luck . . . I'm hoping at least half survive.


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