Do you trim cuphea?

queenbeebalm(7)July 8, 2007

Finally figured out what my batface cuphea wanted to make it nice and bushy and full of blooms (2-3 hrs direct morning sun and lotsa water). Was wondering if anyone knew how I could keep it looking good? Should I trim the ends (the flowers?)


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I do...trim my cuphea, that is. I have a couple of the bat-faced variety as well as the 'Tango' and 'Rhumba' cultivars that have started to look a little bedraggled, so I gave them a haircut. I was told, though, not to prune back into the old wood. They're all putting out a flush of new growth now.

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Hi judyfl,
Good to know that I can start snipping a bit. Maybe that will keep it bloomin' for a few more months. Saw Tango and Rhumba photos and they are gorgeous. Blooms look just like ballroom dance costumes! Looks like I have the Georgia Scarlett.

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Might not hurt to root a few of those scraggly stems , cupheas are the easiest to root , of course Im referring to the shrub like david verity which I have, didnt care much for the batfaced , hummers dont seem to use them , at least not mine.

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Yeah,they seem only moderately interested in it here. At least a dozen other flowers in the back yard they're more likely to frequent. It's like they're thinking "why have hamburger when there's all this steak out here?!".

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