H. pubicalyx 'dragons' forest treasures....

debbie_nyOctober 4, 2010

hi! just wondering if anyone out there purchased from joni, re: forest treasures......thoughts??

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I bought 5 of the Forest Treasure hoyas from Joni,2 of those being the black and white dragons. These cuttings left the Philippines almost 3 weeks ago and Joni just got them this past Wednesday I think it was. She shipped mine out on Saturday and I got them today in VERY good condition. Just looking at them you'd never know they have been almost a month cut and in transit now. They are still very green and quite healthy.


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i did, i got a h. blashernaezii cutting, it was in great condition when it arrived, but i winced a bit removing the cotton the few roots were swaddled in, i think i lost a few hairs. she's in the infirmary right now, but i expect a full recovery!

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i got the 2 dragons and they were in excellent condition! i agree with you David...You would never guess they remained in "custody" for so long! They were very fresh.....Just hoping they make the transcontinental transition well! That cotton was tricky....I didn't think it would be so difficult to remove...I think I lost a root or two...but they seem happy in their new pots...I did soak them overnight in water before potting them....I think they apprecited it.

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geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)

I got the black dragon and a few others, couldn't make up my mind about the white dragon.

Mine are doing rather well and have roots quite well. I did soak them before potting them though.


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