Finally, a hummingbird visit!

timjcJuly 16, 2010

It's taken til the middle of July but today at about 11:30am I saw my first hummingbird at the feeder. I hope the word gets around and I see some more and can get my camera focused.

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Sometimes it takes a while for hummers to find you. Even in my area where it seems I always have a lot hummers during the season I went for weeks without hardly seeing a hummer. It just goes like that sometimes. So do you just have a feeder , no plants or maybe no hummer plants. It can make a difference whether hummers will stay in your area. Anyway congrats on finally getting a hummer!!

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Thanks for the congrats! Yeah, I've seen the little thing a couple of times now and it seems to like my yard. I've got several perrenials and annuals including hosta, petunia, impatiens, vinca. The butterflies are also around so things are looking good. I'll try and catch a picture but they don't hang around very long

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