Never blooming Problem

teddybear_2009October 6, 2013

I have had a healthy hoya plant for years and it has yet to bloom, grows like crazy and looks so healthy and I have started many plants from it and given away so many to my knowledge non have bloomed, I fertilize it one in a awhile and it faces west in a bright window, I believe the mother plant bloomed years ago when my mother had it.Any help would be appreciated.

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West sounds good - is it close to the window? It would probably help if you fertilized regularly. I use both bloom booster and regular fertilizer, one or the other, in every watering, about 1/4 to 1/2 strength first of March through the end of October. Then the other 4 months, I use SuperThrive. I think if you're dilegent about fertilizing, you'll get it to bloom.

Denise in Omaha

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Many sources say bright indirect light, possibly even full sun for a few hours, is essential for blooming.

Do your hoya leaves get a little maroon/burgundy at the edges? Depending on the kind of hoya, they may do that, and that is a good thing. Seeing a picture would be helpful.

"West" and "bright" is all good, but in zone 3, it may still not be enough to get it to bloom.

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Sorry I can not post a picture, some of the newer leaves are maroon colored it is a healthy plant and very big lots of new shoots always. I have started many new ones to give away. But I may not be fertilizing properly. I will boost that up . Thanks for your help.

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I just found out I've had a Hoya for a while now (it was left behind when a neighbour moved, and I only just found out what it is by accident), and that one has never bloomed either. But then, I've been keeping it a bit too dry and dark, which will be remedied soon :-)

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