do hummers truly like crape myrtles??

beaniebeagleJuly 28, 2012

there is this nice red crape myrtle at the church two doors up from me. I have never seen any hummers at it, but I only walk past it every so often.

do they truly like crape myrtles? does anyone have one that the hummers frequently visit?

if so, i must get some cuttings started

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I have red Crape Myrtles in my yard and I have hummers that feed from feeders and other flowers but I don't recall them feeding from the Crape Myrtles.


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We have hummers in the winter and during migration. our do not have flowers in the winter but the hummers love to sit in the trees and will "bug" them. A hummer's diet must include proteins so alot of the time when you see them around plants that do not have tubular flowers, they may be getting insects from off the flowers.

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I don't think I've ever seen hummers feeding at crape myrtles. Plenty of bees do, though.

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