What's blooming Now...Dec 28, 2013

bugbite(z9a FL)December 28, 2013

What's blooming for you?

Way up here in Northeast Florida, currently blooming in my garden:
1. Many, many plants of Yvonne's salvia
2. Roses - two types
3. Impatients (orange)
4. Texas sage (the salvia)
5. Basil
6. Vinca
7. Butterfly Flower
8. Pentas
9. Hisbiscus

  1. A beautiful pink flowered plant (Can't remember the name). Usually blooms in the spring or summer.
  2. A tiny-flowered yellow zinnias
  3. Geraniums (a favorite right now)
  4. Torch sunflower
  5. Not blooms, but colorful small peppers

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So glad you asked!

A view of petunias that volunteered and some roses and asclepias

A dainty rose next to a begonia from Silvia's party

A volunteer impatiens

Tibouchina hangin' in there

Another bunch of brug trumpets from M's cutting

Mums rescued from the trash

Rainbells from Mark

Matchstick in the rain

Hibiscus "Gator Pride"

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bugbite(z9a FL)

So glad you responded. I thought people might think I'm nuts claiming all the plants I listed are blooming.
Your pictures are great. Once this rain is past I will take a couple of photos and add it to the list. :-)

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marcia_m(5 and 9)

Some things that are blooming for me now (south Sarasota county) are butterfly cassia, bougainvillea, lion's tail, blue sky vine, Carolina jasmine, powderpuff shrubs, red firespike, and red shrimp plant (just planted earlier this month). Here are a few photos (got a new camera for Christmas!).

Not a flower, but colorful!

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stitchem(zone 9, Central Fl)

Here in Central FL, zone 9b (The Villages) my Bougainvillea is blooming.
I like to see what others have blooming. I'm trying to find something similar to the Bougie that doesn't have thorns! Any suggestions appreciated.

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bugbite(z9a FL)

Marcia, That's one great camera. Amazing closeups. Thanks!
Stitchem ... your Bougainvillea is inspiring.
Took a couple of pictures today but the sun was bright. Will try to get better shots tomorrow AM. Marcia, I need to borrow your camera. :-)

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Bat Flower

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