verbena 'aztec red' ....hummingbird magnet?

beaniebeagleJuly 31, 2008

i have only seen a hummer investigating it once. it has a nice red color

i wanted to do cuttings in the basement if it was a hummingbird magnet so that i could have a bunch of them next spring, i hate paying for annuals

it only took 24 hours to develop visible roots in my DIY aeroponics cloner

Here is a link that might be useful: verbena aztec red pic

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Wow, those roots are growing fast!

I have Aztec red in my backyard and had hummers stay over the summer this year. (It's been a few years since that happened, especially after we did some kitchen remodeling a few years ago, which I think scared them off.) I wouldn't say that it's because of the Verbena alone, since there's Lantana (Dallas Red) and Firebushes everywhere, not to mention all the Black and Blue Salvias, Pentas, Fuchsias, Batface Cupheas and other stuff that's going on around here. I do know it's a great color with everything and it certainly won't hurt to have an abundant supply of it. It looks like you're off to some good starts!

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