A little stump action

flowerchild59(z6b IL)May 11, 2014

I have a bed of small sized hostas ( not minis, as those are in another bed) planted, and it has a huge cypress stump planted with little treasure and lemon lime.
At the base of the stump is yoshinogawa, a longissima and majordomo.

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flowerchild59(z6b IL)

Here is the back side of the planting. William Lachman is out front with yoshinogawa sudare on the right.

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flowerchild59(z6b IL)

In the first picture, it is hyuga urajiro, no yoshinogawa on the right.
Above is William lachman on left, breeders choice is out front. I shouldn't trust my memory on anything.
Here is a close up pic of one of my favorites, yoshinogogawa sudare.
Hacksaw is behind it and is so rippley. It is one of my favs too.

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flowerchild59(z6b IL)

And finally here is a pic of plain old yoshingogawa and fantasy island.

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lavendargrrl(7b Apex, NC)

That's a nice use of the stump as a planter! I've never seen yoshinogogawa sudare before. That is fantastic! The whole bed looks really great. Thanks for sharing.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

That is definitely a piece of hosta heaven real estate! :-)

There is a different pigment tone to your pictures that makes your hostas look intriguing! Love the look of your Yoshinogawa Sudare - have you had it long?

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santamiller(8b TX)

Very cool use of that stump! The entire area looks awesome.

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mary4b(4b WI)

Beautiful planting with the stump, I love the yoshinogawas...both of them!

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Love your stump setup. Very natural looking, and the small hosta seem to flourish there. Never heard of the yoshinogawa but it is a winner.

I have a stump too, about 20 feet tall, cut intentionally high to provide a habitat for wild bird cavity nesters, and insect eaters, and a place for my jasmine to climb to the top. It is a pine stump, with the bark now falling off in big chunks.

Here is a sweetgum stump trimmed by DH since it was rotting away at the top. It makes a good pedestal for display. The tree had to be cut down before we repoured the foundation to rebuild my cement block Teahouse studio.

Here it was hosting some sort of fungi as it rotted away

Here is a camphor tree stump which was very hard to kill and we left it there. It is a level spot where I have a bird bath now.

The pine "stump" 20 feet tall is now covered with jasmine, but this image shows the decay process well underway.

Here is the tall stump, draped with blooming star jasmine today. Note the north end of my Back40 is in total sun, which cannot be planted with hosta as it is now. Which is why I have used umbrellas a lot in that area.

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flowerchild59(z6b IL)

I love natural plantings, and the fungi is so cool.

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There are so many treasures out in nature that we can incorporate into the garden. Beautiful little garden flowerchild.

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